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  1. A Personal note from Bonnie
  2. Collector of the Month
  3. Changes in eBay

So far we have had a very exciting month for September.

To start things off, we had our very first Grandbaby born on September 1st. Then my Husband and I celebrated our Anniversary on September 2nd, and on September 5th we welcomed a new member to our Team at Breyer Horse Collectors and the Breyer SpotLight.

And while all of this is so very exciting, we want to take a moment to remember those who make it possible for us to be able to push forward and pursue our dreams. To the men and women and their families who bravely serve this country; We Thank You.

Collector of the Month

Because we would like to honor each of you for the person you are and the dreams you hold, we have put together a great tool to do just that.

Each month we will show case a Model Horse Collector and their story. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just tell us who you are, what is the passion that goes with your collecting and share some pictures.

If you have models for sale, great! Tell us where they are so we can find them! After all, it is Collectors that buy Models as well and that is who is reading these pages.

Now for some of the details to help you and us when you fill out the application for Collector of the Month.

  • First, tell us a little about yourself. Things like when you started collecting, why you continue, or what is your favorite model are all great things to include. And if you show or go to BreyerFest, share that information as well.
  • Next, choose two to three pictures of your models, the favorite ones you just love, or the models you have for sale. People love pictures of models. And a picture of you can really help a great deal as well.
  • Be sure to include details about each of the models you want to showcase. Information such as Mold and Model Name, the Year it was made or released. If it is a special release such as a JAH or BreyerFest Model as an example.
  • Include your contact information that will show in your online profile such as your email address.
  • If you have a Model listed on an auction site, include that information so we can find you easily. Things like your user name you are selling under and the site address would be great.
  • Now this one is very important so pay attention: You need to email your pictures separately to the

The number one reason we have put this together is to recognize you the Collector and your unique dreams. Along with that, we would like to give you some options when it comes to buying or selling your models.

We have been doing our research and we fully understand the hard work and the challenges that go into finding a reputable seller as well as the hard work day after day of trying to sell.

Our goal is to give you a tool that you can use to help find the right Seller, and for you the Seller to be able to direct the Buyer to your Models.

As I have gotten to know Collectors from around the world I have learned a great deal. Not only about myself, but about the Collecting community as a whole.

We each start out in a similar fashion with our collecting. Then gradually we gain experience, maybe some discernment and we expect a little more. We look for a Model in better condition, harder to come by, than that needle in the haystack.

And yet, as we each grow, we are yet all the same inside. Still carrying that dream and inspiration that Model Horses magically bring to our lives. And it is good.

So with that we announce the first Collector of the month:

Deb Marshall!!

We will have her page up shortly and will let you know so you can check it out!

Don't forget to fill in your application to be added to the list as we will choose a collector for October. And by all means, feel free to forward this onto everyone you know. That way they know where to look to find you!

Collector of the Month Home Page

Changes in eBay

We just posted a page to the site that you will want to read if you use eBay to buy or sell model horses. eBay is planning some significant changes. Not everyone is happy with the changes so we believe that the time is ripe to explore other ways for collectors to sell their models. In fact that is one of the reasons we added the Collector of the Month feature to the site.

eBay: The BIG Picture

Until next time, keep imagining!