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Personal note from Bonnie

Well with Thanksgiving only a week away and Christmas just around the corner, we are busy. As I am sure everyone else is at this time of year. We are still trying to narrow down who is going to do which Holiday dinner and what family members will be in town. With a growing family, that can be a challenge.

Maybe I am getting older, but just the fact that we can spend time together, enjoy wonderful meals that are saved for one time a yea, mean more than anything. We may just start some new traditions this year, some traditions that bring us back to the meaning of each Holiday and the reason for celebrating. And in all things we will give thanks.

Why you should use this

With all the news about the economy and gas prices and what have you; are you worried? Are you wondering how to bring in a little extra to help with the Holidays? Well the following information can help you do just that.

Do you use the “Item Specifics” area when you run an ad on eBay? If you don’t, you should be. The reason for this is both the eBay and Google search engines will scan this area as your “content or description”. And if you read the last ezine, you know how important content is for the success of your sale.

“Item Specifics” is located just below your Title and subtitle information when you type up your ad. And it is F*R*EE of charge. This is the perfect area to use misspelled words such as “Breyer” or different details of the model you are selling, such as the year it was made or “plastic model horse”.

I have seen this area simply ignored as non important way too many times, and yet if you do add information into this area, it will raise your listing in the rankings of the search engines. And of course that means it will be seen by more people.

Now, eBay will search the Title and description of your add, however, they do NOT search the subtitle. The subtitle is for the “human” eyes only. The title and description is for “human” eyes AND the Search Engines. The Item Specifics is considered part of the description or content of your add. So it only makes sense that you would want to utilize this area to drive more traffic to your add or store.

Something else you may not have thought of is how you type the words of your title. For example; if you use **vintage mustang***, then the person buying will have to type in EXACTLY **vintage mustang*** in order to find your add. So leave out all of the little “do dads” and stick to the facts; vintage mustang. By doing this simply detail, you will drive more traffic to your ad.

Think of the different ways your future customers will be looking for the model you have for sale. What will they call it, what details will they look for? Then use that information in the “Item Specifics” area as well as in the description and title.

With so many people listing items on-line for the Holidays, along with many people searching for gifts, this is just one more way to help you stand out in the crowd.

From the Team here at Breyer Horse Collectors, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with friends, family and love.

News and Updates

I would also like to take this opportunity to give the Breyer SpotLight subscribers a firsthand notice of the next very important aspect of selling models on line: the pictures. Once you have your title and keywords figured out to bring your listing up as soon as possible, next you have to have great pictures. Who ever made the statement “a picture is worth a thousand words” knew exactly what they were talking about.

It is your picture that will draw a potential buyer into your add. It is the picture that will hold them there for a longer time. It is a great picture that will give the buyer the information they are looking for as well as the “feeling” to convince them to bid or buy.

Because there are so many details that go into getting a great picture, and I didn’t want to short change the information for you, we have been hard at work putting together a book. An e-book to be exact. And we are almost ready for the release! And you as a subscriber to the Breyer SpotLight are the very first ones to have a chance to get your hands on this great book. So be sure to keep your eyes on your email for special updates from us, I promise, it will be coming very soon.

You may have noticed some changes on the website lately. One of which is that we have started adding of links to eBay on certain pages of the site. What happens here is if you click on these links, they take you directly to that type of search on eBay. Then eBay pays us for the traffic. I like that, don’t you?

I also wanted to give each of you a big giant reminder: IF YOU HAVEN’T APPLIED FOR THE COLLECTOR OF THE MONTH – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? The last COM Robyn Fox has definitely seen increased traffic to her site as a result of being selected as the Collector of the Month. What a great F*R*EE way for you to advertise your Models as well as your Business! So by all means, use it! We are happy to help.

And do not miss our current Collector Of The Month; Celia Tamker. Celia and her husband Bruce buy and sell on eBay every now and then and her Collection is simply amazing! You don’t want to miss out seeing these great models, and we may be able to convince Celia to give us an update of the last Breyer event she and Bruce attended….

Keep Imagining!