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Personal Note from Bonnie: Exciting things

We're getting geared up here on the farm for some great things taking place. Lots of work to be done, inside and out, but it's exciting! So from time to time we will have some articles written by Guest Writers, some of which you have already seen by Diane Maccani. There are a few others that will be adding their own experiences as well that I think you will enjoy immensely. So be sure to open each of these emails to see what's new!

Article: How do I stand out in the crowd?

Last time we addressed one of the questions that have been submitted to our survey. This question had to do with the undependable market of the Breyer models when selling on line. If you didn't have a chance to read that one or would like to refresh your memory, you can click the link at the bottom of this page for all of the previous articles that have been written. (There's a LOT of them!)

Today I wanted to try and address, as much as I can in a short article, another question that has been asked time and again.

“How do I stand out in the crowd of all the others selling their model horses??”

I have asked myself the very same question. It seems like you just blend in to everyone else and maybe you get a sale, maybe you don't. It gets frustrating and very tiring to say the least. So what's a person to do??

Well, I dug in and researched, I read article on sales, and I bought programs, lots of programs. I bought and read books like they were going out of style. We may have to build an addition on the house for a library. Forget about watching TV. I was going to learn how to do this!

What I have learned won't fit in the space of this article. However, I can share with you some of the key factors that help a person or a business stand out in the crowd.

Here's the top four:

1. Search for what is missing. For example; read through the different interactions between Collectors. What is it that they complain about? What is the biggest problem? Can you solve that problem and do it consistently? If you can, then you will stand out amongst all the others.

2. Be willing to share some of your knowledge and understanding of what you are selling. This is not to say that you write a book as an add telling your life story. However, help educate the person looking at your add in a humble way. This can work even when you don't feel as though you know anything about the model. For example, say a few words about why YOU think the model is special, is it the color and shading or the character in the face?

3. Do something special every time you sell a model. It doesn't have to be a lot or cost a great deal of money. It could be sending a short email with a special thank you. Or maybe adding a ribbon to the inside of the package that is first seen when they open the box. Make it something special that will make the customer feel special. They will remember.

4. Remember this will take time to develop. It won't happen overnight and it will take some thought on your part. And it won't be perfect right away, so cut yourself some slack. But don't give up!

When I was searching to find the special unique “thing” I was going to do, I relied on my previous experience for help. I used to work in a Post Office as a Postmaster Relief. I had listened to stories about packages being damaged and seen the evidence myself at times when the mail shipment would come in. It is still happening today with Models that are sent….

So, I made it my personal goal to “out package” everyone else. I wanted every model I shipped out to be able to withstand being tossed, dropped, slammed, and make it out alive and in one piece. Needless to say; “bubble wrap” is my friend and my customers appreciate me for it! J

Now it's your turn. Take a look around, read about the complaints and find something that you can do to solve the problem - each time you sell.

It will help you stand out in the crowd.

Until next time, keep imagining!


Breyer Horse Collectors