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Personal Note from Bonnie

How are you doing today? Great I hope!

We are in the process of gearing up for a busy season here on the farm/ranch and getting ready for the best time of the year: Foaling Season. It's like having “Christmas” in April and May and so much fun. However, along with that fun comes a great deal of work. So I am spending the next few weeks writing Breyer SpotLight Articles ahead of time.

I also wanted to make the offer to you; our reader, to write an article or two as well. Can you think of some helpful information that others could benefit from?

Do you have ideas on questions to ask a Seller? Or maybe some thoughts of picking out the perfect model, what factors should someone look at when trying to accomplish this and why? These are only a few ideas to get you started.

Write it all down and send it along with your contact information. We promise to read through all submissions, selecting the best ones, send them for editing and let you know when your article has been chosen. And of course we will give you complete credit for your submission.

This will be a great way to not only help us; it will also present you as an expert in the Collecting Community.

Do you have a USP?

If you do not know what your USP is, you are missing out on a tremendous amount of potential sales and future networking opportunities. It takes some thought and research, however, the time invested in developing your own USP is worthwhile. As I stated, left undone, you are leaving money on the table unclaimed.

Okay, so what in the world is a USP?? Very simply - it is your very own Unique Selling Proposition (also known as Unique Selling Point). It is what makes you stand out in the crowd of others selling in your market. And we all know, with the current economic conditions - right now everyone is trying to sell. Competition is what makes developing your USP so very important.

Having a USP will help you stand out in the crowd of thousands who are selling Breyer Model Horses.. From auction sites, stores and customizers, Buyers have literally thousands of places to choose from when they want to make a purchase.

What steps can you take to move create a featured position for your business in this market? Research other sellers on line and see what they are doing. Look up markets other than the model horse industry and see if you can determine the USP. Ask questions like “what makes them different than everyone else in their market?”,and “How successful are they?”. Then ask yourself what you can do in your own market to stand out.

When I established More Than Equine, I wanted to base everything on developing a friendship with my customers. I wanted my business to be more than just “selling models”. With an emphasis in service - I maintained that “tone” in all of the ads I ran. This philosophy remains a deep conviction of mine to this day. There are a multitude of reasons for my decision and my choice; you will have to find yours.

I would encourage you to really spend some time thinking about this and searching it out. Build on a positive aspect of collecting. People are drawn to and need positive re-enforcement now more than ever.

For example; say you have a fascination and understanding with the Arabian Models that have been produced. You have a close connection with them. Use that and describe some of the good things about how the Arabian Models resemble the actual Arabian breed in your advertising. How cool is that?

Maybe you are selling to support a rescue. Instead of focusing on all the negative things that happen to animals, show the positive results because of your customers. It is easy to focus on negative advertising and news - However, as consumers, we also need to see that our dollars are actually making a difference. We need to see and feel the reward of our donations and to see progress. Highlight and emphasize the positive when advertising.

Most rescues do not do this. They focus on the negative and hope for the sympathy of the general public to supply their need. Stand out in the crowd by focusing on the positive and saying thank you to those who donate.

This will help your customers feel valuable and appreciated. And this will be your USP, your very own Unique Selling Proposition.

Something else that is unique to everyone is your very own story. No one can be you or have your perspective. Every human being is unique. Think about your very own story, your history with model horses, and your experience. What foundation can you build with this that is special and makes you passionate? You have now found your USP.

I can hear many of you thinking; “I don't have the time to do this!” And while it is true that it will take a bit of time to work on this and to refine it, once it is done, it is done. And you will see positive results by setting yourself apart from all the others. All the others won't do this either because they don't know or because they don't want to invest the time.

Remember the very wise man who once said: “Wealthy people do what non-wealthy people don't want to do…”

So until next time, spend some time investing in yourself for a better tomorrow. And be sure to email if you have any questions. We are always here to help.

Do you know someone else who could benefit from this ezine? Feel free to forward it to them. Just make sure it is completely intact the way you received it as it is all Intellectual Property of the Breyer SpotLight. Until next time, Keep Imagining!

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