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Did You Fill it Out?

Hey, I just wanted to send a quick note to remind all of you about the survey we sent out last week.

Have you filled it out yet? If you have – Thank You! Your input is truly appreciated. If you have not, please hurry and fill it out right away, before you forget.

Breyer Horses Seller Survey

It will only take a few minutes to fill out and will help us get to know you better.

I would also like to take a couple minutes to explain the benefits of a Master Mind group and how it works. If you are not interested in this part, go ahead and delete the email now with no hard feelings and we’ll see you next week in the next Breyer SpotLight.

For the rest of you that may be wondering; read on.

Some of you may have heard of these types of groups before, some of you may not. In any case, most often they are called a “master mind” group because each member that takes part has the same purpose in mind. Whether it is for weight loss, child care, a support group for health issues, or a business building group; it all boils down to a small group of people who have one common goal each would like to achieve.

There is most often a clear agenda for each meeting that each participant has before the first group call. The calls are set for a specific time every week or every month, depending on what will work for the members of that group.

Each Member takes part in the call by sharing an accomplishment that week or an issue they are struggling with related to the topic. So for instance, if you are in a group focused on child care, you’re not going to discuss your issues with weight loss. That subject would be for a different group.

When there is a struggle or challenge that a Member is dealing with, other Members offer possible solutions. It is then up to the Member with the challenge to actually use the solution(s) offered by other Members. They then report back the next time if that solution(s) helped. Thus everyone benefits and learns.

The biggest benefit to taking part in a Master Mind Group is that you have people you can relate to that have the same interest as you do. More often than not, they have been exactly where you are and can help. And, by helping someone else, you pay that forward so that you can grow again.

Typically these groups run for a set amount of time, say for example six one hour sessions’. There is a phone number that is provided for you to call along with a log in number. The calls may be recorded and each member receives an Mp3 or download of the call in case they had to miss one and need to catch up.

The next benefit is that you get direct interaction with others within a specific community. For us this would be the Model Horse Community. This builds relationships that you may never have dreamed of that can easily transcend beyond model horses. You have an opportunity to build friendships with others that have a similar interest.

A “master mind” type group can have all kinds of benefits for everyone involved. And hearing someone’s voice on the other end of the phone certainly beats reading emails on the computer screen.

Sorry, I did say this would be short. I did try.

Quick reminder; fill out the survey and then be sure to pass it on to other Collectors you know and tell them about the great new site you found! I bet they thank you for it. J

Thank you again and we will talk soon.