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Breaking Updates!

There have been so many questions, and really good questions about the upcoming series on marketing your Models and the Master Mind Group; I am so excited! There are so many things we will be covering in these calls; if you are planning on selling, or are selling, you really don't want to miss this great opportunity.

And the first call in the series starts tonight! So if you haven't signed up yet, click on the link below and do that now before you miss out. I have been working hard at adding additional content and information these past two weeks, we may have to schedule a bonus call if we can't fit it all in.

Master Mind Group

Some of the key points we'll be covering during the Master Mind calls will help give you the information you need to successfully sell online right away!

There will be four teleclasses. Each class will be one full hour in length and packed with useful information, tips, and more - all designed to help you create great listings on eBay to market your Breyer Models!

As a participant in the Master Mind Group - you will learn:

  • Week One: The Importance of product images and photo taking!
  • Week Two: Creating your eBay Listing!
  • Week Three: Packaging your products -and- Guarantees!
  • Week Four: Creating a great follow-up sale

Call is at 6:00 PPM PT tonight!

Our newest addition!

While working on all of this, we also had a foal born; finally! He is the cutest little thing. You can see pictures of him on our blog.

Breyer Horse Collectors Blog

It was recommended to us by one of our faithful readers that maybe we should run a “foal naming” contest…..

What do you think??

I'm thinking that we should run this on the blog so it is easier to track. Let me know what you think and send me your ideas for a name by visiting our blog and entering a comment.

Breyer Horse Collectors Blog

Featured Product

Breyerfest Alborozo This month we are adding a new section to Breyer SpotLight. This is called the Featured Product.

In this area we will highlight some of the cool things that we have available in our store along with a review.

This week we start with my favorite: the greeting cards. And actually not just greeting cards in general, but the Alborozo Greeting Card Set - there are 20 cards in this group.

Alborozo Greeting Cards

I love these cards because of the high quality card stock they are printed on, each of them is blank inside so they will fit any and every occasion, and besides, isn't it nice to get something in the mail? They are super heavy and very good quality. When sending these cards with a thank you note hand written, my customers have just loved them. Yes, I have used them myself and recommend them to everyone.

I just love the above picture of last year's BreyerFest Celebration Model.

Article: BreyerFest Model Releases

Speaking of BreyerFest; have you seen the updates of the new models that will be released only at BreyerFest? There are quite a few that will be very unique and very special for years to come.

I think my favorite is the Saturday Raffle Model named Red Velvet. He is a gorgeous Pinto done on the Andalusian Stallion Mold sculpted by Kathleen Moody and introduced in 2004. In the picture he looks to have some very detailed mapping around his Pinto markings, and appears to be a Red Dun with leg barring. Very nice indeed.

Breyer is also releasing another new mold this year, in addition to the new sculpture of Baby Doll. This additional release is a new sculpture done by Kathleen Moody named Make A Wish.

As most avid Collectors know, Kathleen Moody has been sculpting Model Horses for many years. And she has proven herself to be a very talented artist. Her new Mold is no exception and is quite stunning.

The mold is of a Palomino Arabian Cross and in the JAH magazine, looks like it is loaded with details and movement. I would love to see one of these in person to really be able to look closely at the details. The body of this new mold looks as though it is glossed or semi-glossed with the mane and tail in matte. The body color seems to have a golden glow to it, maybe some dappling; three white socks and is more of a sooty tone Palomino. Another nice one!

I have a feeling that Make A Wish will become a favorite of Customizers as well.

It will be interesting to see what happens and what kind of unusual Models appear this year.

I'll share a bit more in the next Breyer SpotLight.

Until then; Keep Imagining!


Breyer Horse Collectors