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  • Personal Note: Facebook
  • Article by: Frank J. Waters - the history of Milton
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Personal Note: Facebook

Have you joined us on Facebook yet? Although I am “fairly new” to the whole social networking deal, I am finding this to be a great resource for information as well as contacts. Take for example the writer of today's article. Whenever I accept or extend a “friend” invite on Facebook, I always check out their information tab on their profile page. Good way to keep track who you are “talking” with.

Well, to make a long story short; I sent an invite to Frank Waters. I had read one of the comments he made concerning a rider who had passed on. What caught my eye was the horses name “Milton”. I started thinking after reading his post; “could this be the same Milton that Breyer created a model after? Wow! I've never really paid attention to this Model…”

So I sent Mr. Frank Waters a friend invitation and asked. His response - Yes, Bonnie, Breyer did create a model after this horse, and there was only one “Milton”. (You'll have to read the article on this great horse to learn more.)

Of course I immediately asked if I could quote him concerning the information he had provided and he graciously gave me a “Yes, with pleasure”. So the following information is about the history and background of Milton and Caroline Bradley; the one responsible for his success. Much of this information I'm quite sure was unknown to most Collectors.

I have also included Franks Biography, at least a bit of it, so that you have an idea concerning the depth of this gentleman's knowledge. It really is quite impressive to say the least. And… I may just ask him about other horses he may know of personally that Breyer has created models for; you just never know what you might find until you ask.

And be sure to stop by Facebook and send me an invite. It might take a little getting used to, but it is a great way to get to get connected.

Bonnie on Facebook

Article by: Frank J. Waters - the history of Milton

A Tribute to the Great - Caroline Bradley!

One of the greatest, nicest, hard working and talented riders of all time, Caroline Bradley. Caroline was taken from us far to early, she collapsed and died at Suffolk County Show in 1983 at age 35. In the posted picture, she was riding Archie Tomlinsons New Yorker in the Puissance at The Horse of the Year Show. Caroline won everything and was a consistent member of the British Show Jumping Team. Many at the time declared Caroline as the greatest lady rider in the world, she was certainly up there. What many people do not know is her association with the great horse that John Whitaker rode, Milton. Caroline bought him as a little dark grey foal in 1977, she told her parents, Tom and Doreen, that he would become the best show jumper in the world.

She was proved to be so right, because the foal grew up to become Milton, show jumping's first millionaire and the subject of countless books and videos.

Caroline bought Milton because she rode his father, the great stallion Marius, a Dutch bred beauty to many victories in Show Jumping. She knew that Milton was destined for greatness and brought him on slowly while he impressed everyone through his novice career.

Milton was ready for the big league when tragedy struck and Caroline died in 1983.

John Whitaker was given the ride in the autumn of 1985 and the rest is a fairytale story in the history of Show Jumping. They became the most successful partnership of all time until John retired Milton at the Olympia Christmas Show in December of 1994. At the time, they had won more than two million dollars in prize money and the public said "Farewell" to the wonder horse, Milton.

Milton died of colic in July 1998 and John Whitaker paid a tribute to this one in a million horse that could not have been better said. "He was a truly great horse. We grew up together and we were partners. I was privileged to ride him."

Caroline would have been so proud of Milton, and her thousands of fans around the world still miss her. R.I.P. Caroline, you will always be remembered and never forgotten as the person you were, your talent that was so unique with the animal you loved, The Horse!

You can find out more about Frank Waters and his Golden Voice at his website:

Equestrian Commentator Announcer

Frank Waters was born and educated in Europe, is a former Professional Tennis Player and Trainer of International Show Jumping horses. He was an equestrian commentator and broadcaster for nine years in Great Britain also covering tennis events and was the compare for an opening party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California. During his Equestrian commentary in England, he covered the Horse of the Year Show, Hickstead, Pageant of the Horse (five years) Halifax Show (six years) North of England Equestrian Center and many more. He was also for six years the resident commentator for Prince Phillips own club, The Windsor Park Equestrian Club which was a great honor. He is now part of the winter and spring circuit in South Florida and was the announcer for an International Three Day Event in Northern Florida during February 2001.

Frank was also the host of Perfect People Magazine, a talk radio show that was broadcast throughout the United States on hundreds of Radio Stations. In June 1995, he put together a new show with a unique format called, Talk With the Best...He was Talk Show Host for Vita Vigor Presents from October 7, 1995 through February 1996, a show totally dedicated to all natural health, vitamins and supplements. He has appeared many times on Tongan's Nutrition and is the voice over for other natural health products on radio. Frank has appeared on Good Day Cleveland, Fox Breakfast Show, NBC Dallas, CNBC New York, NBC Phoenix and ABC Austin Texas. December 1996 he was the lead Television anchor for Fox with Chris Evert for the Tutor Time Maureen Connolly Brinker Continental Players Cup, an event that was broadcast to more than eighty countries. Newspapers articles from England have described Frank as the best Show Jumping Commentator in the country and as The Man with the Golden Voice...”

Update: Foal Naming Contest Preliminary Results

Here are the top six placing from the foal naming contest that closed yesterday afternoon. We will announce the Winning Name that is selected by the AQHA as soon as we receive the Registration form from their office. This can take up to three months to be received back from them.

So here it goes….

  • Face It Ima Star - with 56% of the votes
  • OLenas Mr Good Bar - with 43%
  • Heza Perfect Guy - with 31%
  • Face It Im Chocolate - with 25%
  • OLenas Zippo Star - with 25%
  • Ima Good Star - with 25%
This is the exact order the names with be placed on the foal registration application.

A side note for all of you as well: Hot Shot is doing fantastic; his leg is healing beautifully with no broken bones showing up on the x-rays. He was put on oral antibiotic vs shots; he will be super easy with worming in the future!

Thank you again to everyone who took part in this contest! I do hope you had as much fun with it as I have; now we wait to hear back from the American Quarter Horse Association…

Once we have the Official papers back in hand; we will let you know which one was picked!

And again, thank you to everyone!

Until next time; enjoy your Collecting!


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