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  • Article: Five Tips for the New Model Exhibitor by Diane Maccani
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Personal Note: While I am away...

Actually I’m not away from home or the farm for that matter, but I am away from the computer in some respect. There are some major things taking place right now that require a great deal of my time. So with this Breyer SpotLight we have the privilege of receiving some tips for showing Breyer Models from Diane Maccani. We introduced Diane to you in the last ezine and hope you will enjoy her writings in the next coming months. If you can think of any questions for Diane, be sure to let us know and we will pass those onto her.


New Featured Collector of the Month - Beth Hales

Before we rush into today’s great article, I wanted to give you a reminder to check out our new Featured Collector of the Month, Beth Hales. You can find her page here: Beth has a huge selection of Breyer Models up for sale….

And now for today’s great article:

Five Tips for the New Model Exhibitor

Find out what goes on at a model show.

My advice to the newcomer to the world of model showing is the same as it is to newcomers entering the ‘real’ horse show world. Go to a show to watch before you enter yourself. That way you will have an idea what classes are offered, what the competition level is, how it’s run and judged.

Choose a specialty and run with it.

There are so many classes to enter at a model show it’s best for the new exhibitor to chose a favorite area and focus on that. It can be halter classes, performance classes, custom classes, or vintage model classes. Just be sure the show you’re attending has classes for your entries.

Get involved in the planning of a model show.

If you don’t see classes you’d like to enter, talk to the organizing group to see if they’d add them. After my first ‘just observing show’, I jumped right into showing models. My interest was in performance and that show didn’t have performance classes. I made up a tentative list and emailed them to the organizer. She incorporated all off my suggestions. The classes were a big hit at the next show.

Have a safe way to ‘haul’ your horses to the show.

Models get scratched easily in transport. Make sure you have a safe way to get them to the show. Packed loosely in a cardboard box is not a good way. We wrap each model in a bubble wrap bag with its name and breed on it. They are then carefully hauled in a ‘trailer’, aka a plastic tote.

Get family members or friends involved.

Like any activity, model showing is more fun for most exhibitors if you have someone to share the fun with you. It’s also helpful when you’re trying to get your performance entries ready to have extra hands to help ‘tack up’ your models with all that tiny tack.

Welcome to the world of model showing.

I hope my suggestions help you get started. If you love model horses, I know you’ll have fun.

Diane Maccani is a lifelong horseman and the author of a thirteen book series, What the Cowgirls Do! Her books take you into the ‘real world’ of showing, rodeo, and ranching in today’s horse industry. Check out her website: for more information about the series and how to order.

Until next time, enjoy Collecting!


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