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  • Personal Note from Bonnie: Things you find in the JAH
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Personal Note from Bonnie: Things you find in the JAH

I just received my Just About Horses magazine yesterday. There is tons of information in this small bi-monthly periodical; Christmas models and ornaments, pictures from shows across the country, how to’s on customizing, and of course the newly revealed Connoisseur Series model. There is also information on an Artist with pictures of their talent in each issue.

What caught my attention, besides the new mold for the Connoisseur, were all the wonderful pictures from the North American Nationals. The NAN 2009 was held in Portland Oregon at the Expo Center this year and the 2010 NAN will be held July 20-22 at the Heritage Hall in Lexington Kentucky.

For those who don’t show model horses, myself included, it is said that NAN would be comparable to a World Championship show with say AQHA or the like. In other words; Huge….and maybe just a bit intimidating for the inexperienced Collector. However, today we have a few tips from Diane Maccani about model horse shows to help you get into the “groove” of showing. It sounds like it would be a fabulous learning experience!

You can see some of our JAH Connoisseur models here: And as luck permits, we will be adding more pictures and information on additional models.

Article: Finding Model Horse Shows...

Finding Model Horse Shows by Diane Maccani

You’ve decided you want to try your skill at showing your model horses. Where do you go to find a show to haul your horses? If you’re considering a North American Model Horse Show Association sanctioned show, (NAN) the first place to check is their website at: Shows are listed by date, name, and region. The U.S. and Canada are divided into eleven regions. Serious and experienced model showmen attend these shows so competition may be stiff.

Another excellent place to find upcoming shows is the Breyer model website which is Shows are listed under events. Just About Horses, Breyer’s magazine about collecting model horses, also lists the next two months NAN sanctioned shows. The website of the Stone horses,, also lists shows on their website. Another excellent site for finding shows is This site lists NAN and non-sanctioned shows. You may also want to type in model horse shows on your favorite search engine to see what you can find.

Of course, there are many smaller non-sanctioned shows that do not get listed on the NAN sanctioned websites. These are often the best shows for a newcomer to the model show world to start at. How do you find if there are any in your area? Check listings on the boards in your local feed and tack stores. Postings are usually placed in these stores. Ask other model enthusiasts if they know of any. And don’t forget Facebook, Twitter, and My Space. These social networks can be a wonderful source to dig up those shows.

Model shows accept all brands of models. A show is usually not limited to Breyer horses only or Stone horses only. All sizes of models are also accepted at the shows. Just recently, I was at a show that had special classes for the tiniest of the models. This gives them their own area to compete against each other rather than having to show against the 1:9 and 1:12 size models. For grand and reserve champion honors, the winners in all sizes then compete against each other.

Judging model horses for halter classes is based on the breed requirements for that breed of horse. Performance classes are judged on the ability of the model to do that event, correctness of the tack, and accuracy of the diorama.

Remember what is really being judged at model horse shows is the knowledge of horses and all that goes with them. Most model horse enthusiasts own or have owned horses and probably have shown them. The competitive element is in their nature. These horsemen bring their love and knowledge of horses to model horse events.

Besides being a social event to share knowledge and good times with each other, the most successful showmen are constantly learning new information about horses while at the shows. Doing well or winning is just the frosting on the cake.

Diane Maccani is a lifelong horseman and the author of a thirteen book series, What the Cowgirls Do! Her books take you into the ‘real world’ of showing, rodeo, and ranching in today’s horse industry. Check out her website: for more information about the series and how to order.

Hope you enjoyed today's article and are looking forward to the next one. I think I have been able to talk Diane into sharing some tips of how to set up your OWN Model Horse Show...

Until next time, keep imagining!


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