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Updates: Some exciting things taking place!

Spring time is always a busy time on the ranch and this year is no exception. Although we did not breed our mares last year, we have a boarding client who did. So, we have had the joy of giving one foal a great start with imprinting and are anxiously waiting on the second mare to have hers. This waiting can be a bit nerve wracking to say the least.

In between the ranch duties and dealing with the wonderful weather that Mother Nature tosses our way, I have also been doing a bit of art work. Not a lot, a painting every now and again. One day I posted some pictures of the paintings I had done on Facebook…. As a result…. I have been asked to design the logo for a new developing Equine Rescue in Tennessee! Me?? Yes, Me. All I can say is "wow!" and of course "Yes!" Hmmm, I'm thinking I may have to put painting at the top of my list of things to do!

As we get things together and the website designed, I hope you don't mind if we share the link with you. It is for a VERY good cause and something I think everyone should understand and know about.

For today however, I wanted to discuss with you the challenges of selling your Breyer models, or any model for that matter. It is getting a LOT tougher. And hopefully by the next ezine I will in fact have the JAH model in hand with a page done for him… (He's not here quite yet.)

Article: Is eBay still the answer for selling?

If you have sold Models on eBay before, you know full well that it is a challenge to say the least. Right now the market is overwhelmed because everyone is trying to bring in some extra cash by selling anything and everything. And eBay has preached for years that this is how to make extra money. "Go through your attic, garage, and basement and sell all those cool little treasures that you find."

But does it work in today's economy?? It used to. It used to be fairly easy to find an item and list it on eBay that someone else wanted. We've all heard the stories about little Johnny buying the board game for a dollar at a garage sale and selling it for a mint. However things have changed.

All of these stories happened when eBay was fairly new. People were still discovering it, finding out about how it worked. Now eBay is flooded with millions of people who list everything and anything. With the economy such as it is… it is a handy source of income for many.

So just how do you get "full" value for your Breyer models?? Especially when there are thousands of others selling the exact same thing??

First I believe you have to be realistic. Everyone has to look at the details of how they spend their money these days. Why would you pay a good price for a common model when for a little more you can buy one that is super rare? And even the rare ones are being sold at a lower price these days. Good money yes, but still less than what they should be.

So if we take a look at the "competition" level of where you sell, eBay and other online sites may NOT be the answer. Yes you reach more people, but so does everyone else. And you have to add to that the fact that listing fees ARE going up which will cut into your return.

So here is a possible solution:

I honestly do think that getting involved with the Model Horse Shows, flea markets in a larger area, and maybe some antique stores would be a good choice for selling right now. There are still collectors who comb these types of places looking for a treasure. They get to see the models first hand, to know exactly what the model is and the condition. There is no guessing from pictures or how it will be packaged. It is a more secure way for people to buy and sell.

Second I think you have to realize that selling ANYTHING takes work. It does not matter if it is a used car, a horse, real estate or Breyer models, selling takes work. If you are willing to put the time and care into it, you will succeed. And yes it takes time as well. You will get back what you put in, simple. If you are not willing to go to swap meets or spend a weekend at a flea market, spend the time setting up, talking nicely with people who stop by your table…. Then you won't do so well.

It takes planning and preparation. Success takes research and focus. Set up your goal of what you would like to accomplish, stay focused and go for it. Research the models. Research the location of sales, the type of people who visit. Research proper communication, setting up tables that look attractive. Research pricing and competition. Talk to other sellers and get a “feel” for the market, for what is expected and acceptable using this type of venue.

Selling directly person to person I do think is on its way back. People want to do business with other people. Not with a computer. While the internet is convenient, it does not have the personal touch. And I do think that you can have a balance, both online and off. It all depends on what YOU want and how much time YOU have.

I hope this information will help you be able to reach out in a different way. To be able to see more of a return for the models you want to sell. And there is nothing that says you can't do both, direct selling as well as on-line selling. Let us know your thoughts and how it works for you. We would love to be able to pass on good ideas and strategies to our readers like you.

Next time….. God willing we will have the new Breyer Mustang JAH Model page done and be able to show you some progress. Until then - enjoy your collecting!

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