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  • Updates: New foals, new pages, C2 pages and more
  • News: We have new JAH pages
  • Article: What is "C2" and what it means for you

Updates: New foals, new pages, C2 pages and more… where do we start??

Yes it is spring time even though Mother Nature does not always agree with the calendar. One of our clients that are boarding horses with us had two mares that were due to foal early this spring. If you've seen me on Facebook I'm sure you've seen the pictures I've posted of these cute little ones. Who can resist the delicate nicker of a foal when it's first born? I love them all, whether they belong to me or not, their just too cute not to!

We have tons of things happening at Breyer Horse Collectors, so much exciting news to share with you. We're making it possible for you to create pages of your own, but more on that in a moment. First I want to fill you in on the new JAH pages…

News - We have new JAH pages.

The Connoisseur models have been popular since they started; Collectors eagerly await their new Just About Horses magazine to see the new model being released. And then make certain they send in their post card for the drawing…. And then wait….and wait.

When you finally get your letter in the mail stating that your name has been drawn it feels almost like Christmas! Now Breyer has started to release the names on their website prior to sending out the letters, this gives you a chance to make sure you have the money available to make this rather large purchase. Although these models are expensive, they are also ones that hold their value the best from what I've seen. They are limited in edition and are higher quality than regular runs, two things which certainly helps their value.

We now have pictured on our site several Connoisseur models. One of the latest to be added is “Widow Maker” - a special thank you to Collector Celia Tamker of GA for sharing pictures of her Connoisseur Model with us.

Widow Maker is the first JAH Connoisseur to be done on a Spanish Fighting Bull rather than a horse. And so far he is the only one. Will there be more? Time will tell. He IS a rather impressive model to say the least! And Celia picture is on our site to share!

JAH Widow Maker Connoisseur

JAH Alvaro We are also working on a page for the newest Connoisseur “Alvaro”. Alvaro is the 42nd release in the series and is done on the Mustang mold which was first introduced in 1961. We've included a picture of him here as a bit of a teaser; check out the great detail in his bi-colored eye and the mapping of his sabino markings! I just love this model.

Article: What is "C2" and what it means for you

Every since we started building this site, we have been looking for ways to be able to communicate directly with our readers. The Breyer SpotLight is one way we have been able to do that, we have also received direct emails from many readers as too. But there was still a block between each of you being able to communicate with each other… until now.

Now, thanks to SBI our web hosting provider, we are able to open up certain pages for you. A simply example of this can be found on the “vintage page” that we have been testing.

C2 Breyer Vintage Page

When you answer a question that is posted on the page, you create a web page yourself. You can load a picture of your favorite model or collection if you would like. We will go through and do some limited editing if need be, load the page and your all set. Then other Collectors or Visitors to the page can comment on your page, you can comment back. There is no limit to the number of times you can use the comments section on the C2 pages. So ask all the Collectors you know to join in and offer suggestions.

C2 works kind of like a blog but is so much more because the page you create becomes part of the website. Without getting too technical the C2 pages that you create on our site will be found by Google and other search engines.

Now some fairly easy guidelines just so that someone can't say we didn't say it:

  • Keep it clean at all times- This is a family site and we will keep it that way. No foul language or anything else that is negative. We may not all agree on everything but we can disagree in a nice way.
  • Keep the pages you create directed to the purpose of the page. For example on the TH Winter page we ask the question “Did Breyer really run out of 2010 Treasure Hunt Models?” - You would not post something about vintage models or custom models on this page if it had nothing to do with the question.
  • You can answer or post back to any of the other postings without any delay. Just keep in mind the top two rules and have fun!

I encourage you to take a few minutes and read through some of the pages that readers have created already. If you can, offer your thoughts of support and encouragement. Get a feel for how the pages work.

And then - let us know where else you would like to see these types of pages! What kind of topics would you like to see covered? Tell your friends and other Collectors too, have them create a page and see what they think. Can you imagine what this can do for Model Horse Collecting???

Until next time, get your imagination going and see what you can think up, then let us know. And above all else - enjoy your Collecting!

Breyer Horse Collectors