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New Featured Breyer Collector - Susan Tank

We have a new Featured Breyer Collector! Susan Tank. Susan has a wonderful collection of Vintage Breyer Models as well as others and also does customizing. She is also involved in some great sports cars that may grab your attention. Check out her new page:

Susan Tank - Featured Breyer Horse Collector

As we mentioned in the last ezine, we will be transitioning the "Featured Collectors" feature to a new format so more collectors can participate and showcase their favorite Breyer Horses more quickly on the site.

Keep your eye out for more news on how to share your favorite Breyers. It will be coming soon!

In the last Breyer SpotLight our guest writer Elaine Botten started on the topic of using Pastels to customize a model and answered a couple of questions as well. (A link to the previous article is below if you missed it…)

May 27, 2010 eZine

Today Elaine continues with the supply list and some of the “how to's” of getting started.

Choosing Mediums - Pastels Part II

The following is a list of supplies you will need in order to pastel your model. Everyone has their own method and supplies they prefer so this is really up to the artist. The supplies I use are as follows:

Stick/Chalk Pastels - earth tone sets are perfect for this, or individual sticks purchased separately.

Spray - Testors Dull Cote for “tooth,” and Krylon Fixative to seal between layers. This can be purchased on line from Hobby Lobby. Pastels will not stick to the Fixative. Krylon Glossy or Matte clear coat to seal the model when it is completed.

Sandpaper - A very coarse grade of sandpaper is recommended.

Brushes - A variety of artist's brushes and a large blush brush. The brushes you use for your pastel work should be used exclusively for chalk and not crossed over with painting.

Eye Shadow Applicators - A variety of shapes and sizes.

Kneadable Eraser

Small Paper Plates - These will be used as the working area for your pastels, are inexpensive - throw them away when you are done.

Newspaper - This will cover the area you are working in because pastel dust can get everywhere!

Soft Cloth - This needs to be damp.

Clear Fingernail Polish

Reference Pictures - Good photographs of the color of model you are trying to achieve.

Model Horse -Prepped and primed.

I always have my pastels ready to use before I even begin working on my model - it minimizes transfer of the chalk and leaving smudge marks all over the place. Cover the area of the table you are going to be working in with the newspaper; this will catch any loose dust and makes cleaning up a lot easier. Cut your sandpaper into workable sized squares, I generally have about a 3 x 3 piece of sandpaper for each color of pastel that I am going to use.

Next take your stick of pastel and scrub in on the sandpaper; this will turn the pastel into a nice workable chalk dust. Once you have a nice little pile of chalk transfer it to the small paper plate, gently tap on the back of the sandpaper to release as much of the chalk as you can. Keep your sandpaper squares until you are finished with your model in case you need more of the color you are using.

Next time we will go over how to apply the pastel to your model! So make sure you have it prepped, primed and ready to go!

Elaine Hartley Botten was born and raised in Wyoming. She grew up on horseback, was rodeo queen, raced barrels and showed Quarter Horses professionally in both breed and color organizations. She is a cowgirl and artist at heart. Elaine has been drawing and painting since an early age and since she no longer owns real horses her efforts are now focused on customizing model horses.

We hope you enjoyed today's information and look forward to our next issue. In the mean time, make sure you collect all of your supplies that you will need and be ready to start creating! And if you have any questions at all, be sure to let us know. We will get them on the list for future articles and answers too.

Keep Imagining!

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