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Treasure Hunt Variations

Every year since the beginning of Breyer doing the “treasure hunt” for the hard to find model, Collectors have been kept in suspense. Never knowing for sure what would be revealed and wanting that “odd” variation has what has made the “treasure hunt” so cool. This year the suspense seems to have lasted even longer than before!

Well we have it on our site; at least one of the variations. We want to thank Katie Rogers for sharing a picture of her Winter variation with us. Thank you Katie!

As of yet we do not know if there will be more than one “treasure”, but here is the first one that has been shown. You can see this great Winter model here:

Treasure Hunt Winter Model

Will there be others? Time will tell. If you have received a rare variation, be sure to let us know so your model can be highlighted in the Breyer SpotLight too!

In the last ezine Elaine covered the topic of doing leg repairs, and we must have really hit the nail on the head so to speak with these topics. The feedback and emails that we have gotten have been great! When we have our readers send us emails that say “I've been waiting for this information - thank you SO much!” well needless to say it makes our day. So a big thank you to all of you who have written as well. You help make our day!

If you have any questions or idea's you can let us know easily by simply clicking “reply” from this ezine. Or you can also email us at:

Now for today's article and the next in the series of doing repairs, taking care of those broken ears….

Repairing Broken Ears

Ear breaks can be one of three things, a simple break off of the entire ear, a simple break off of the tip of the ear or the entire ear missing and assumed to be AWOL.

To repair a broken ear you will need to have on hand baking soda and krazy glue or super glue - make sure you do not get the gel type of krazy glue or super glue. If your ear or ear tip has a clean break, simply apply the krazy glue to the surface of the model's ear and place the ear into place allowing the glue to dry thoroughly. Next apply a bit of krazy glue around the seam and sprinkle baking soda on it completely covering the seam in its entirety. Next sand the seam smooth and the ear is repaired.

If you have a broken ear that has lost a portion of the tip or ear, you will need to build a new ear up using krazy glue and baking soda. Apply a small amount of glue and then sprinkle baking soda on it. This substance will harden quickly and is very strong.

Continue applying glue and baking soda in small amounts until you have the entire ear built up. I generally build my ears up a bit larger than they will actually be because when you start to sand the ear down and into shape it is easy to overdo it and the ear ends up smaller than the other one on the model.

Make sure you build your ear slowly from the base to the tip, once your ear is the size you need (or a bit larger) you can then sand it down smooth and into shape. You can also use this method to create a new ear when repositioning the ear(s) rather than fight with cutting off the old ear and trying to get it into the proper position.

I hope you have found this article helpful. Happy ear repairs to you…next up fixing those scratches and smudges on your model.

Thank you Elaine! What great directions to repair our models; ear breaks are so common and by the looks of it, easy to fix. Hmmm now which one do I start with….?

Until next time everyone - keep imagining and enjoy your collection!

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