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How Do You Deal With Time Shortage?

News: Do you ever feel as though there is never enough time in one day to accomplish all there is to be done? Well if you're like most of us this is a very familiar feeling. And from what I have found… the only way to take care of this is to allow some room in the schedule by cutting back on a few things.

The same is true of Breyer Horse Collectors and The Breyer SpotLight. We have been building pages for the website as well as providing information for Collectors in the SpotLight since August of 2008. When you think about it; that's a lot of emails and articles that have been written and sent!

Because we are working on a few larger projects for Breyer Horse Collectors and our readers of the SpotLight, (and only 24 hours in one day) we will be sending The Breyer SpotLight out to you once a month instead of every other week. We hope you can understand and truly appreciate your support.

We will always take the time to answer your emails within a day or two… so should you have questions or comments of any kind please do let us know.

And don't forget to take a look through the archives of The Breyer SpotLight as well. We have covered such topics as “safely cleaning a model”, “What does Vintage mean”, to “Tips on Selling Your Models” and just about everything in between.

Now for today's article, the second to the last one in the series from Elaine Botten, “It's All In The Details”. Is there something that seems a little “off” to you about your custom model that you've worked so hard on? Elaine has given us a list of ideas of what to look for to find that missing detail...

Breyer Stablemates - The Second Generation

In 1998 5000 JAH Special Edition Stablemates Gift Sets were made. We have posted selected photos.

Breyer Stablemates - Second Generation

It's All In The Details - Part I

This article is going to address some of the little things that many customizers, when they are finished with their model, just can't put their finger on what is making the horse look a little “off.” Highlighting and shading are all a part of this, you will not ever see a horse that doesn't have any highlights or shading on them of some sort - not even a black one. You just have to look closely.

Paint/Pinto: When you paint one of these coat patterns it is important to remember that all around the white spots of the horse there are tiny white hairs the actually blend over the top of the dark coat. Not all spots are as distinctive as others with the white hairs, but If you don't add them into your model it is going to look postage stamped, and give it the appearance of not being quite right.

Appaloosa: Appaloosa horses (whether they are blanket or leopard appys) have a variety of spots, in different shapes, sizes and patterns. The biggest mistake that I see done on these models is that all of the spots are uniformly round and all the same size. This is not a natural occurrence on a real horse and it will make your appy look out of the norm. The same is true with dapples; they are never perfectly round, little clusters.

Buckskins: Buckskins are known for their black legs and markings; some have primitive markings and some have none. None of them have exactly uniform black socks with any black hairs coming up the leg somewhere and the black of the legs generally blends somewhat into the golden coat of the horse. If you have socks that have a distinctive and noticeable line where they end, it is going to make the model look funny.

While these are small tips on details, and a short list of them, it is crucial to add them to give your model that nice finished look. Happy painting!!

Next time Elaine will give some tips on the hooves and the eyes of the model, two very important area's that create the character of a horse. So stay tuned and check and check your email next month. And Happy Collecting to everyone!

Breyer Horse Collectors