The Keys to Selling Breyer Horses on eBay
and other On-Line Auction Sites

Four one-hour recorded classes designed to provide the
tools you need to create on-line listings that sell.

Topics include:

Photographing your Breyer Models to Sell.

Tips on how to stage and take the all-important photographs which place your Breyer Models in various settings that capture their beauty and personality…and the imagination of your Buyer.

Creating Listings that Sell.

You'll learn marketing techniques that will help you write and format clear, creative listings that sell. You'll also learn key words and phrases that sets you above your competition and boosts your sales.

Packaging and Guarantees.

We'll show you how to ensure return sales by providing great service to your customers and how to protect their investment.

Follow-up that Creates Return Sales.

Tips on how to create great follow-up letters that keep your customers coming back for more. We'll also review current top selling keywords using HammerTap and will provide each participant with the results for Specific Keywords. This information will also help you decide on the best days to end your on-line sales auctions, based upon the most successful traffic trends.

We share our years of experience to help you be successful with selling your Breyer Horses.

All Four Classes Offered for the Low Price of Only $17

The Package Includes:

1. Four Sessions Full of Valuable Information.
2. Recordings you can download and listen to when you want.
3. Top Selling Keywords from HammerTap.

All this incredible information for the low price of $17. To start just click the “Buy Now” button. We use PayPal to keep your information safe.