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  1. A Personal note from Bonnie
  2. Have you made these mistakes?
  3. Meet Jaime!

Everett Thomas McLain Who is this cute litte red head?? Well he is our new Grandson, Mr. Everett Thomas McLain born on September 1st. With his frown he may be considering which model he would like to start his collections with, is it the new Mustang from BreyerFest or a Silver Model? He is a future Cowboy after all, just like his Grandpa! I couldn't help but brag just a little!

This past week has seen many changes taking place. We have been working with our weanling fillies and getting them ready to be sold. As a result I have had to put some serious time into updating the sale page of that site.

Jaime and I have been working together on an up and coming eBook for you. This is so exciting! I can’t wait until it is ready for you.

Have you checked out facebook? Facebook can be a great way to connect to other Breyer Collectors. I'm new to facebook but I would welcome any friend requests from SpotLight readers. Use the link below to send me a friend request, make sure to mention you are from SpotLight.

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Kathy and I have been super busy enhancing the website. Visit and you will see many additions that are taking place. And from looking at the numbers in the back office of the site, everyone is loving it! Thank you!

Breyer Horse Collectors

So now, we would like to take some time to help you, the Buyer of Model Horses. After all, Buyers are the other half of the equation that makes the market work.

Have you made these mistakes?

For the last several SpotLight ezines we have focused on information from the Sellers point of view. So I thought it was time for us to look at the Breyer Model Horse hobby from the Buyers perspective. After all, all Collectors are Buyers as well; otherwise we wouldn’t have a Collection of Breyer, Peter Stone, Hartland, or any other type of Model.

So as I thought about this, I thought about all the challenges there are to buying anything on line. Things like, not taking time to do your research on the model or the Seller. As a result you end up with a Model that has been mistreated in its life time. Or the shipping takes a month and a half for the Model to get to you. We are all in a hurry trying to get so many things done that sometimes we forget the simple things we can do.

Such as asking questions like:

  • How will this model be wrapped for a safe and secure delivery?
  • How soon will you ship this model after payment has been made?
  • What is the condition of this model? Ask follow up questions concerning cracks, rubs, chips and paint loss.
  • Can you send me additional pictures of all sides?

Research the Seller's Reputation by browsing through mode horse sites and looking for feedback on them. We have a page on our site that will help you with this research. Check their feedback rating on eBay too.

Helpful Web Sites

As the Buyer, it is up to you to decide if you have enough information about the model BEFORE you bid or agree to make a purchase. If the Seller does not give you the information you require – move on to the next one. There will be others down the road and many other Sellers who are trustworthy.

So don’t waste your valuable time or money. Hold the Seller responsible for accurate information before you bid.

Our goal is to give you a tool that you can use to help find the right Seller, and for you the Seller to be able to direct the Buyer to your Models.

Remember as a buyer, you also have responsibilities. Be fair and follow through, do NOT cancel your bid. Pay for your item. And be fair to the seller, if they dealt with you honestly don't leave bad feedback. Remember your reputation as a buyer is equally important as the seller's reputation.

Meet Jaime!

Jaime is a Marketing and Business Development with clients ranging from non-profits to heavy-civil construction firms. She is a graduate of City University of Seattle with a degree in Psychology and is currently obtaining her Masters of Business Administration with a marketing concentration from the University of Dallas. Jaime is passionate about almost everything she does - from writing multi-million dollar proposals for her clients to religiously practicing yoga to designing graphics for marketing collateral - it is apparent that she really gets excited about the things that interest her. Jaime has been married to Richard Lack for 3 years and the two of them reside in downtown Dallas along with their spoiled malti-poo dog, Malty.

We are working on a Breyer Horse Collectors team page to post on the site, and it will be up shortly!

Don't forget to visit our Collector of the Month page. Deb Marshall is an honest seller who knows her Breyers! Also be sure to fill out your application to have a chance to become the next Collector of the Month. Just click on the Apply link at the top of the page

Collector of the Month Home Page

Until next time, keep imagining!