Helpful Breyer Horses Web Sites

As you might guess, you can find a lot of helpful breyer information online. There are many breyer horses websites. Keep in mind the more specific you are with the type of horse you collect Breyer -- Peter Stone, Hartland, Hagen-Reanaker~, whether they are plastic, china, porcelain, resin, or customs -- the easier it will be to focus your search.

Pony Lagoon has wonderful pictures and some information as to when the model was made and price ranges as to what they have seen the models sell for. Keep in mind it is not always up to date as it is put together by only one or two people. However, the information that is contained can be very useful.

Model Horse Sales Pages is a good choice for browsing listings because they only list model horses, so you don't have sift through other non breyer horse items. You have to be a member, but membership is free, in order to be able to see pictures of the models and if you have models you would like to sell, there is a variety of levels you can purchase that are far more cost effective than eBay. The only problem is that there is no way of knowing someone’s background as a buyer or seller so the risk factor is a little higher unless you do your research.

No list would be complete without mentioning eBay. However Buying and Selling Breyer Horses on eBay is a topic that deserves a whole separate web page. If you are planning to actively selling on eBay, you need to take a look at HammerTap. After purchasing all kinds of programs and systems that promise to help you make money on eBay, I have filtered through each and found the few that really do work. Read my Hammer Tap Review and decide for yourself.

When it comes to researching a person’s history as a buyer or seller of model toy horses, you can sign up for an account on Model Horse Blab. It has been a wonderful tool for finding out about an individual and how their transactions have gone in the past. Just keep in mind that this site can also be very negative if someone has had a problem with another collector. It very easily turns into a soap opera with everyone from around the world sharing their opinion. If you can keep in mind that you are after the facts only, hopefully you won’t get sucked into passionate discussions, unless of course you really want to.

Additionally there are yahoo and google discussion groups that you might want to join. I can recommend two yahoo groups: MHHR and Haynet (both have sister lists as well, for example HaynetExchange for buying, selling and trading). I have found that MHHR can be more valuable than Model Horse Blab in researching a collector's reputation. To find out more about these and other yahoo discussion groups, go to Yahoo and look for the groups icon to click and enter the name of the group in the search box.

If you would like an overwhelming amount of information that will give you everything from buyers and sellers of model horses, go to There is more information on this site for advertising all aspects of model toy horse collecting than you could imagine. Plan on spending a minimum of several hours on your first tour, possibly days if you have the time, to find something that peaks your interest.

Another way of finding models may be to do a "want ad" on Craig’s list. To go in and find a model individually is way too time consuming, however, if you post a simple want ad, you may come up with some responses that you did not have before.

Of course there always Google. Type in the model you are looking for, you never know what may turn up. There are many collectors out there that are starting to put together their own pages. The better sites are usually from model horse collectors that have 1000 plus models that they are showing and telling about and maybe some for sale. If you take the time to go into these sites, you may be able to learn a great deal from that person’s experience. Just remember, these sites may not be updated every month, let alone every year, so the information may be old.

With all these sites, take some time to go through a "tour" and find out what models are out there and what people are saying about them. Why do they collect them, how long have they been collecting, what models do they love and why? This way you get a "feel" of the collecting community even when you yourself cannot make it to model horse shows.