Vintage Breyer Clydesdale

Woodgrain & Glossy Stallions

Vintage Glossy Clydesdale Breyer HorseThe picture to the left is of a Vintage Clydesdale Stallion in Glossy Bay with gold bobs and is the very hard to find in the no muscle version. He was made from 1958-1961 and has no broken ears or any bobs missing. And notice the factory eye whites he has as well. Not only does his age qualify him as vintage, but he has that glossy finish unique to the older models.

Vintage Breyer Clydesdale Muscle Models

Vintage Woodgrain Clydesdale Breyer HorseThe retired Clydesdale pictured to the left is done in the Woodgrain version. I do have to mention also that the earlier Clydesdale Stallions released were only called Clydesdale, the “stallion” part of the name came after 1972. Everything on this model is woodgrain in color except for the eyes which are black, even his hooves, bobs and tail ribbon are woodgrain instead of gray, gold or black. He is also done in a matte finish which was more common. Something to watch for when looking to buy a woodgrain model is for any bubbling on the finish or the surface of the model. It seems as though bubbling on the surface of the model is most common with the retired woodgrain models, and can decrease the value. (The above model has none.)