Breyer Treasure Hunt

In 2006 Breyer started a new series called the Treasure Hunt. The series has been a hit due to the use of mystery driving an international search for rare and hard to find models.

The mystery for each Treasure Hunt is a model that is not revealed until you purchase two or three of the initial models. When you send in the UPC codes cut from the boxes of the purchased models you get the mystery model.

Every January and February there is tons of speculation and a mad rush to see what the odd models will be.

Treasure Hunt Lady Phase 2006 Treasure Hunt - Stock Horse Lady Phase
Treasure Hunt Pegasus 2007 Treasure Hunt - Mystical Pegasus
Treasure Hunt Huckleberry Bey 2008 Treasure Hunt - Color Crazy
Treasure Hunt 2009 Treasure Hunt - Fun Foals - Pictures wanted!
Treasure Hunt Othello Spring 2010 Treasure Hunt - Four Seasons
Treasure Hunt Othello Winter Finally - the 2010 Winter Model!

Breyer Treasure Hunt 2010 Models Sold Out?

What do you think? Did Breyer really run out of the 2010 TH Models? What is your favorite TH model?

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No they are not sold out. dealers are reordering so many to get the the glossy ones for their customers. 
My favorite was the glossy bay huck bey and the 2nd was the 2 LPs in gold charm and honey bay. All of the glossy 4 season horses are great. Better then …

"Babe" the blue ox longhorn #75 Not rated yet
Speaking of treasure hunt, did you all see that the ultra-rare blue longhorn from the early 60's is selling on ebay right now! i guess some guy found …

2010 Treasure Hunt Models - NOT SOLD OUT! Not rated yet
I found some 2010 TH models - Summer, Spring, and Fall - In a toy store that holds Breyers. It's called "Toys and Games ETC." I have just bought two of …

2011 Treasure Hunt - Weathergirls Not rated yet
I love these ones! I want them all for Christmas so I can send in the UPC codes and get the fourth --- Rainbow! The four are based on different weathers, …

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