Breyer Treasure Hunt Fun Foal - 2009

The 2009 Breyer Treasure Hunt Fun Foal gave Collectors a chance to "create" their own resulting foal by purchasing a mare and stallion combination and sending the UPC’s in for the mystery model. The "Fun Foal" event was certainly a treasure hunt.

If anyone has photos for the 09 Treasure Hunt they would like to have featured on this page, contact us for details!

The models used for the mare/stallion combinations were:

  • Red Roan Cedarfarm Wixom
  • solid Chestnut Running Mare Appaloosa
  • Gray Semi-Rearing Mustang Stallion
  • Pinto Jumping Stallion

The resulting foal was the highlighted "treasure" for this hunt. With the wide variety of combinations between the stallions and mares, Collectors were guessing for quite some time of what they would receive.

Some of the varieties include:

  • Grazing bay blanket Appaloosa foal
  • Dark bay scratching foal
  • Dark charcoal gray lying down foal
  • Chestnut and white pinto action stock foal
  • Palomino running foal
  • Red roan Clydesdale foal
  • Pintaloosa stock horse foal
  • And a rare set of twin foals!

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