How to find cheap Breyer Horses at a discount

Everyone is always looking for a great deal, and maybe that needle in the haystack or hidden treasure that no one else has found. And that is certainly true of Breyer Model horses as well.

Value your Breyer Model - Free ReportThe following is a list of ideas that a person might check out to find that treasure, there may be many more places or ideas, but this will give you a really good start. However, before you start out on your “treasure hunt” be sure to do your research and know the details of the models you are looking for. Take your reference material along with you so you can compare and make a wise decision before you buy.

  1. EBay; somewhat elevated risk potential
  2. Pawn shops; lower risk because you can see the condition first hand.
  3. Flea markets; lower risk as well.
  4. Garage Sales; lower risk.
  5. Live, In Person Auctions; lower risk if you are able to examine the models before hand.
  6. Estate Auctions; lower risk and same as above, may go higher because of the word “estate” in the ad.
  7. My Auction Barn; somewhat elevated risk potential, still to be determined because of being a new site.
  8. Model Horse Sales Pages; questionable risk, may not be as much protection for buyer or seller as on eBay.
  9. Model Horse Shows; most individuals are very knowledgeable and will offer help, they also have a very good idea of what they have and what it should be worth, lower risk for buying the model now and closing the deal on the spot.
  10. Other people you know; lower risk depending on your relationship with them. You never know, just ask.
  11. Antique Stores or shops; lower risk if you can visit in person and handle the model to see condition and look for details. If the consigner knows what they have, and sometimes even when they don’t, you may end up paying a higher price. However, these people can often be talked into an offer of less money if simply asked. If the model has been on the shelf for a while, it is not making them any money, so just ask. All they can say is “no”. No harm done.
  12. Other online personal sites; low to high risk depending on the reputation of the seller, be sure to ask questions of them and also for references with previous customer or others who have dealt with them. Follow through on the references and get feedback.
This information will give you a jump start in finding your treasure, enjoy the hunt!! Information on Selling Breyer Horses