Breyer Horse Custom Models

Breyer Horse Custom Models and Model Horse Customizing has been around for many many years. Reeves International even has areas available for children and adults to learn the basics of customizing models at Breyerfest as well as other events every year.

So what exactly is a breyer horse custom model? Well we have asked around and found a few Collectors and Customizers who were willing to add to the insight here on Breyer Horse Collectors.

Customizing (or cm for short) can cover a wide range of details. Most often people think of customizing as the paint job that is done on a Breyer horse or model. The original paint is removed and a custom paint job is applied. As a result you have a CM Breyer Horse. However there are many other ways of customizing a model as well as many questions to ask.

Customizing can be as extensive as repositioning the legs, neck or head, carving the ears, nose and hooves. Or it can be as simple as a basic paint job. However the paint jobs can vary as well. Any model with dappling, appaloosas and pintos will take longer to complete than a plain chestnut or bay.

It is even possible to have a Breyer or other Model Horse customized to look like a live horse that is near and dear to your heart. Repositioning of the main and tail is fairly easy according to Belinda Kranz of Crawford Park Studs (Australia), and may add a whole different personality to the model.

Customized Breyer Indian Pony Model The Model pictured here is an Indian Pony with a simple repaint. She has been stripped down and painted into a lovely shaded bay.

How is the model painted?

According to Belinda Kranz,
"Models can either be airbrushed, or painted by hand with brushes. Different artists have different techniques. Models can be painted in oils or acrylics. Both are durable, the oils maybe a little more so. But the application of a good quality sealer will protect the model as well. Make sure that the sealer is not too 'shiny' as that can look unrealistic."

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