The Toy R Us Medallion Series Release

Every now and then Breyer will have a special release through a store that is well known. Years ago they would run specials through JC Penney, Sears or Montgomery Wards. Those models are sometimes favorites of collectors.

In 1996 and 1997, Breyer had a special run on a series of models named the Medallion Series that were sold only through Toys R Us.

Medallion Series Titan Glory Breyer Horse

This is Titan Glory; a beautiful matte bay with black points done on the Foundation Stallion mold. Each of these models came with a gold colored medallion on a blue ribbon. Because they were sold as "toys" it will be hard finding them in excellent condition. The models pictured are perfect in every way.

Medallion Series No Doubt Breyer Horse No Doubt; a red roan done on the Family Arabian mold for the Series. He was released in 1997 and to date, has been the only red roan model done on this mold.

Medallion Series Stardust Breyer Horse Star Dust is a matte dapple gray with polka dot dapples, more than likely to resemble the stars in the sky. He is done on the ever popular Legionario mold and was also released in 1997.

Medallion Series Brown Sugar Breyer Horse Brown Sugar done on the Justin Morgan mold for the Medallion Series from Toys R Us. This model was released in 1997. If you ever have a chance to read the story of Justin Morgan, the real horse, I would highly recommend it. It is a wonderful biography of the little stallion who didn’t know he wasn’t big.