Buying and Selling your Breyer Horse on eBay

Whenever most people think of buying or selling an item and using the internet, they think of eBay.

EBay can be a very useful tool for people to use because it is so widely known around the world, and with so many to choose from, you may be able to find that perfect Breyer Horse on eBay.

The eBay marketplace is also changing, the company has planned some significant changes which you will want to definitely know about and keep track of.

Because of its popularity as "the" market place, prices vary widely on the models that you can buy, or sell for that matter. It has been related to as the world’s largest garage sale or flea market, which is great for both Buyer and Seller.

Looking for information on selling Breyer Horses on eBay?

Buying Breyer Horses on eBay
Buying on eBay can be a little unpredictable unless you know how to find the most reputable seller, for example (they actually wrap the model the right way and do in fact send the model out). The market is huge and the rewards can be very good, but there is also an elevated risk that goes along with it.

EBay may be the best place to find Cheap Breyer Horses that have value, simply because the seller doesn’t know how to market or set up their ad I personally have made money on models that I have bought cheaply and re-listed with a better picture or better descriptions, keeping my feedback rating always very high. The sellers of these models had not done their research on breyer model value or looked at the details of what they were selling and tried to find a way to market to the potential customer who was looking.

I do have to warn you though; there is a higher amount of risk that goes into buying from a person on eBay when they do not present themselves as knowledgeable in the field of model horses. When they say they have no experience or "I am not an expert", believe them and buy with caution. A collector's guide can be invaluable to making sure you are armed with the information you need. Felicia Browell's guide is one that I personally use.

You can also find some really good deals when you find a person selling models in what is called a "lot". Be sure to look at all the pictures, maybe request more if you need more information, but always, always ask how they will be packaged for shipping. Simply wrapping in a plastic bag or newspaper is not good enough. You may nicely request additional protection explaining that you have received models damaged in the past and you would like to protect your investment. If the seller is reputable, they will agree and follow through.

You can also find many eBay stores and power sellers who are selling Breyer model horses. If you find a store that has maintained at the very least a 99% feedback rating, your risk is much lower than dealing with an individual who has the same score.

Always read the feedback before you bid, there may be a good reason that can be explained for it being lower. Lower your risk some more by asking questions of the seller and get a feel for how they respond. Then trust your gut.

Looking for information on selling Breyer Horses on eBay?