Breyer Horses on Ebay - Selling

Selling Breyer Models on eBay

From a seller’s point of view, it is getting harder and harder to make a profit on eBay with your Breyer models, the listing fees and competition simply keeps growing. However, no matter how challenging it is to sell on eBay, we still have to recognize it as the icon it is for reaching as many people as possible at one time. Plus there are secrets to keeping ahead of your competition.

Some sellers have decided to do something a little different and to use eBay purely as a lead generation tool. All that traffic and name recognition can't be ignored. Regardless, A seller does have to ask themselves what a potential customer is going to "see" when they click on the ad, is it going to be easy to read, are they going to get all the information they need to make a wise decision?

One tool that gives me an edge over other Breyer Model sellers on eBay is HammerTap. If you are serious about selling on eBay you owe it to yourself to check out this very useful useful ebay research tool

With a little bit of knowledge you can get top dollar selling your Breyer Model Horse. The secret is not only in the photos and creating listings that sell. But also in how you follow up with your buyer, ensuring loyalty and repeat sales. Learn the Keys To Selling your Breyers!

As a seller you also need to take the time to protect yourself from buyers who don’t pay or back out of a bid after the auction ends. This can be very frustrating and cost you money. So do your homework and take the time to block certain types of bidders and check the feedback rating of each of the people who do bid. If someone has backed out of a bid within the last 30 days you have several choices. First you can contact them and discuss your concerns with them, make sure you do this through the eBay email system. Second, after talking with them via email, if you do not feel comfortable with them yet, you can cancel their bid yourself.

It takes a little time, however, it also can spare you the cost involved with relisting fees and the head ache that goes along with it.

Most buyers do not understand the time involved running a listing on eBay, so set up your standards that are fair for both you and the buyer. Be ready to put time into the maintenance to prevent any negative mishaps from a buyer with a bad reputation. If someone is a "newbie" and has less than 10 transactions to their id, I take the upper road approach and contact them through the listing. I let them know that I noticed that they are new to the system and encourage them to read the listing carefully, maybe point out specific items that are important to me as a seller, and then if they have any questions at all, to contact me and I will do all I can to help build a relationship of value. I let them know that I am there to help guide them in this new online adventure.

Sometimes they respond, sometimes they don’t. But in doing so, I present myself as the expert that they can trust, a helping hand in an often overwhelming experience. As a result, I have ended up teaching a few newbie’s how to use PayPal, what is expected when the auction ends, even a brand new seller how to sell his Breyer Model horses properly. As a result I have built many relationships with my buyers and they trust me. Your goal as a seller should be the same.