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HammerTap Review and Information

Over two years ago, I discovered HammerTap – and it has boosted my sales, and my selling confidence! These eBay research tools are designed for moderate to frequent eBay sellers, and I recommend it for Collectors who typically sell 3 or more models per month through internet sales.

  • Get Full Value for your Breyer Model on eBay
  • Master the use of Selling Keywords
  • Take out the Guesswork of Listing your Model

Finding the most profitable keywords to use in your ad is so very important. Some of you may think that I am harping on the same old thing, but I must emphasize again that without those correct keywords, you will get lost in the flurry of other sellers on line. HammerTap's eBay research tools can give you that edge, with great selling keywords plus more.

Here is how it works:

  • HammerTap analyzes sales that occurred on eBay for any given time period, based the "Key Words" the user used to find the listing. HammerTap also tells you what sales took place, what products sold, the price products sold for, and the day the auction ended.
  • Let’s say you want to know what day of the week, and even what time of day a specific type of model sells most frequently. You get a precise snapshot of this data from HammerTap so there is no guesswork on when to list a model. You also have access to the success rates for top listings and price range scenarios for specific key words.
  • One of the best features of HammerTap is that the data can be organized by top selling words, fastest selling items, highest prices paid, etc. – all with the use of a convenient drop-down feature!

Why would any of this matter? Well, to put it simply, you use these details to help write your title and find the best day to start and stop a listing regardless of whether you use the “buy it now” or regular auction. And it stays current. Every time you log into Hammer Tap and type in your keyword, the most current information is there for you.

HammerTap offers a F*R*E*E ten-day trial period so you can check out these eBay research tools with little risk.

Try HammerTap Free For 10 Days

I was unsure whether it was worth the $19.95 a month but I found HammerTap quickly became an indispensable tool for my selling on eBay that has paid for itself many times over.

Not only does HammerTap provide some of the best eBay research tools for online selling markets, but they provide excellent customer service and tutorials that will truly teach you how to make HammerTap work for your business!

HammerTap's Power to Profit Tutorial which demonstrates the tools and shows you how to use them, is available to you as a demo even before you subscribe

See the 10-step Power to Profit tutorial

Here is what some of the experts are saying about HammerTap:

"HammerTap is perfect for the seller who’s running their business on eBay. I highly recommend it. This is money you can’t afford not to spend. You’ve got to check this out!"

-Griff Dean of eBay Education, host of eBay Radio, and author of the Official eBay Bible.

"Hammertap is my No.1 favorite 'secret weapon' for selling on eBay. There's no other tool that allows me to 'sneak away' so much useful information about about the best products to sell on eBay, about the best title words to use in my listings and that's just the beginning. I no longer have to worry about any competitors, they've faded away into the background, and they're probably wondering how I'm constantly able to outsmart them!"

-Andrew Lock the 'Renegade Auction seller'

Please know, I would only recommend products and services that I feel would be a substantial value for you. I know times are tough for everyone right now, we are there with you.

I believe in the HammerTap eBay research tools, and believe you will benefit from increased sales and profit by investing in this unique selling tool

Happy Selling!