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Gathering Storm for sale

This is big ben mold - Gathering Storm. A web special. I am taking offers. Many other Breyers available for sale.

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Breyer Model Question

I have an Authentic (Beezie Madden's Olympic mare) model Bryer horse. The background of the box autographed by the 2008 Beijing Olympic Team. Do you know

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.Must be USA made

Definitely where it was made. I don't even consider China-made Breyers as true Breyers. After more than 30 years in the hobby I stopped buying Breyers

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Pepermint is a Breyer horse from 1971 or 1972. He was my first large Breyer.I an a big horse fan and they are collectabale modles.

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Smokey (aka "Arod")

I began collecting about 1959 and have a few early Breyers and Hartlands as well as an ever expanding collection of awesome randomness (including a couple

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I think these are Breyer Clydesdales

Have had these a while and was wondering how old these were and if they are Breyer. They do not have a mark on them any where. They are beautiful and I

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Breyer Model Horse Collection 4 Sale

I began collecting Breyer Horses when I was a young boy and have 37 horses I'd like to sell. I have no idea what they're worth. Honestly I'd like to find

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Breyer Unicorns

Mist is a Unicorn stallion. I have other models but he is my favorite. I saw him in a store at Rupp Arena and I really wanted him so my parents got him

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Noddy is just 1 of my 123 models that I have been collecting for as long as I can remember, but he is my absolute favorite! Old timer palomino with a straw

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I believed when I was little that my model horses protected me while I slept so I named one of them Spartan. The Spartans fought until defeat. That's

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