.Must be USA made

Definitely where it was made. I don't even consider China-made Breyers as true Breyers. After more than 30 years in the hobby I stopped buying Breyers when they outsourced the manufacturing to China. As a result my entire collection consists of USA made models and just a few from China that I bought before I realized they were no longer made domestically.

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Oct 28, 2015
I hear ya! NEW
by: GreyStone-Susan Tank

I, too, am a long time collector of Breyers (over 40 years) and find the quality of the "Reeves" horses less than acceptable, especially for the prices they're asking for them. 90% of my current collection is pre-1985, pre-Reeves, if you will. Ever since Reeves bought out Breyer, I've given the two eras the names that own them: "Breyer" and "Reeves". I don't feel the two are anything alike other than 'model animals', so why taint the good "Breyer" name with Reeves' poorer quality products. Besides, knowing there will never be "Breyer" any more, I feel their horses are more collectible than Reeves. Reeves started at a point in time when collecting these models was getting very popular and Reeves knew this, so up went the prices and those buying the models, mostly collectors, dare not played with them. Finding Breyers in nice condition, that were originally sold as affordable toys, isn't as easy as finding a Reeves in nice shape. Breyer's age, history and nostalgia can never, in my mind, be replaced by the products Reeves puts out.

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