Seller's Tips To A Successful Breyer Horses Sale

If you have been collecting breyer models for some time, you eventually reach a point when you consider selling your breyer horses. Maybe you are looking to recoupe some of your investment, or maybe you are running out of room, Whatever the reason, here are a couple of tips to make your breyer horses sale a successful one.

What is the value of your Breyer Horse?
If you are not sure what your Breyer model is worth, do your research on breyer model values.

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Where to sell your model?
One immediate question to answer is where to sell your model. Will you be selling it at a local event, or online? Many sellers turn to ebay to sell their model. See my guide to A Successful Breyer Horses Sale on eBay for helpful information about eBay. However you should also consider other online sites to buy and sell models on. Many sellers are frustrated with eBay's rules and restrictions and selling elsewhere.

A picture is worth a thousand words
Most likely you will need to take pictures to showcase your model for potential buyers. Even if you don't plan to sell it online, take them anyway. You'll might get a phone call from a buyer asking you to email pictures to "take a second look" or "show to my friend". In any case a picture can become a treasured momento of the model you once owned. I've been taking pictures for years and have many tips for taking great Breyer photos to share with you.

Build a great reputation as a seller of Breyer horses
Treat buyers as you would like to be treated and they will remember your integrity the next time you sell a model. It's the little things that count. Such as answering questions promptly and thoroughly. Being completely honest about your model. You should list all the bumps and the bruises as well as the stunning qualities. Also, pay attention to how you how you wrap the model for shipping and delivery. If your model arrives damaged your buyer may think you might have misrepresented its condition. Shipping carefully will go a long way to enhancing your reputation as a seller.

With a little bit of knowledge you can get top dollar selling your Breyer Model Horse. The secret is not only in the photos and creating listings that sell. But also in how you follow up with your buyer, ensuring loyalty and repeat sales. Learn the Keys To Selling your Breyers! And Happy Sales!