Shipping Toy Horses with the Care they Deserve

One of the most common questions that have been asked is that of shipping and packaging breyer toy horses. Collectors ask "How will I know the model I buy will be packaged and shipped properly?"

Well, you don’t. Unless you ask questions and try to develop a relationship with the seller. I have had my fair share of bad experiences from buying online and having models shipped in flat rate envelopes, taped together boxes and paid an enormous amount for shipping when the label states a fraction of the cost.

However, as a buyer I also understand that it is my responsibility to ask questions before I bid. Ask the seller questions about packaging and shipping and be specific.

  • How will this model(s) be wrapped?
  • Will you use bubble wrap and/or peanuts?
  • What type of box will be used?
  • Which shipping company will be used?
Then tell the seller why you have these questions and concerns and explain briefly that you would like for this to be a good experience for both of you.

Pay attention to how the seller responds. Are they willing to communicate with you and take your suggestions? Are they sympathetic to the issues that go along with shipping models globally or simply next door?

Then read their feedback, ask around and see what others have said. As a final attempt you can give them this link for the article that has been written on shipping. Maybe they will be willing to take a close look at their standards and adjust. Always remember to thank the seller who does do a good job on packaging and shipping. It does cost additional money and many times that money is not recouped in the sale of the model. Acknowledge the seller for going the extra mile to try and help you receive you goods in satisfactory condition.