Breyer Indian Pony Models

The Indian Pony mold was sculpted by C. Hess and introduced in 1970 as mold #175. For Breyer collectors, this mold has consistently stayed in the top 10 rankings in popularity for many years. It has been my personal goal to someday own every model made on this Breyer mold. I am sure other collectors have a similar goal. We develop a fascination with a particular mold or model that stirs the emotions. When it comes to the Breyer Indian Pony Mold, I love the softness of her eye, the movement of the mane and tail. It seems as though she has wisdom that no one knows about.

Breyer Indian Pony Congo Line Because there are so many Indian Ponies that have been made and released, this is not a complete list. Keep in mind that this does not mean the others are not collectible, just that I don’t have experience with them.

Breyer Indian Pony Chronology

Indian Pony Models, the Early Years Models from the 70s and 80s including the Buckskin and Brown Pinto.
Models from the 90s The 90s saw a number of models such Mustang Lady and Chinook that were part of a series run or a limited release.
More Indian Ponies of the 90s I waited a long time to add Halayi to my Indian Pony Conga line, another model from the 90s.
Models from the 21st Century So far, Breyer have outdone themselves with Prairie Song, N'iekeni, and many more.
More Indian Ponies from the 21st Century Shasta Moon is a great Model to start your Breyer Indian Pony Conga line.

More Breyer Indian Pony Models

Breyerfest Volunteer Model, Totsi A special release from Breyerfest 2008.

Customized Breyer Indian Pony What is Breyer CM?