Taking Great Photos of your Breyer Model Horse

I have been asked over and over "how do you get such good photos? I just can’t seem to get it done!" So here are the tips and techniques that I use. These are not set in stone rules, just guidelines that have worked for me.

  • A digital camera is a must. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but get one with a flash and telephoto option.
  • Angles are very important; the slightest shift in position can change the picture drastically.
  • Use a Tri-pod. No matter how stable you think your hand is, it’s not.
  • A solid background color is another must to showcase your treasured model. Beware of shiny fabrics that can reflect the flash.
  • Lighting is another very important element. I use natural lighting at the right time of the day, but you may need additional lighting. You may have to set up a direct light or two at different angles to see what works.
  • Trust your eye and pay attention to how the picture makes you "feel", the feeling you get from a picture is so very important.
  • Take lots of pictures, and experiment with angles, lighting and colors. Test it all and then review what has worked and what hasn't.

Have fun, get creative! Get up close and personal with your models, don’t worry about cutting off the ears or the legs; if there is a picture that gets your attention and makes you curious about the model, that’s a great picture!

Note that these tips are geared towards the selling of a model on line and not for photo competition. Also keep in mind that in at least 2-4 of the photos you should include the complete model. (No parts cut off from the frame of the picture.) Use all the photo space you can as aloud by the rules of the auction or selling site. Most allow up to 12 photos - so make the most of them.