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Black Horse Ranch Models

SR Black Horse Ranch Palomino The Breyer Horse Mustang model introduced in 1961, also known as the Semi-Rearing Mustang, has consistently been in the top ten for popularity.

This is the 1988 SR Black Horse Ranch Palomino, only 333 were made. In all there were six of these models made for Black Horse Ranch, and each one is very collectible depending on condition.

Black Horse Ranch Palomino This picture is of my 1988 Black Horse Ranch Appaloosa Mustang, SR with again only 333 of these made. There is a difference in the finishes used on him: his brown and white has a matte finish and all of his black has a semi-gloss finish. The Black Horse Ranch (BHR) models are all highly collectible and widely sought after.

I have noticed that these Black Horse Ranch models, has somewhat of a hard time staying forward on their front toe. It is important to try and keep them on the shelf so they are on their toe and not their tail as letting them rock back on their tail causes cracks in the tail seam and sometimes up over the rump. By simply placing a small piece of double sided tape under the front toe, you can keep them safe and sound.

Keep this factor in mind when you are looking to purchase one and ask about cracks in the tail seam and how the model has been stored.

San Domingo Mustang

San Domingo Mustang This is the SR Mid-Year Release: Back to School San Domingo on the Mustang Mold.

His release comes with a wonderful paperback story sure to inspire those who read it making him a perfect gift for those who love to read as well as collect.

San Domingo Mustang Card I was a little apprehensive in purchasing this model because he is a newer one and may have lacked the quality that the older ones have. However, I should not have worried. The coloring and shading on this model is simply beautiful. In fact, he is so nice, he earned his spot to be featured in our store.

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