Breyer Mustang Appaloosa

A popular Breyer Mustang Appaloosa Horse Model Another one of the most popular Breyer Models is the Mustang or Semi-Rearing Mustang. Pictured to the left is Rawhide the Wild Appaloosa Mustang that was released as a Series Run as the Breyer Tour Model in 1995.

These Breyer Tour Models seem to hold their value better than the normal runs. And as with others you can also find variations. The Rawhide Model pictured has his spots all the way up to his withers. Others only have the spots on the hind quarters or maybe half way.

Variation Collectors may look at these details and add each one of the variations to their collection. And why not? It is fun to see the differences of the paint jobs as well as the differences of characters in each Model.

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