Breyer Treasure Hunt

Mystical Pegasus 2007

Breyer Treasure Hunt Pegasus 2007 The 2007 Breyer Treasure Hunt brought us Pegasus or more whimsically, "Where in the World is Mystical Pegasus" using the Silver mold. While the treasure itself was a wonderful Pegasus model, the real treasures revealed where a few releases of a glossy charcoal and a glossy silver filigree that happened to be in mislabeled boxes. Courtesy of Belinda Kranz, photo of one such treasure in "magical" white.

The four Silver models to be purchased were:

  • Matte bay pinto
  • Matte dun sabino
  • Matte red sorrel blanket appaloosa
  • And a matte rose gray

More Breyer Silver Models

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