The Silver Models

Breyer Silver Model Hidalgo

Silver was introduced in 2001 and sculpted by the talented Kathleen Moody. Even though Silver is a newer Model and cannot be considered “vintage”, he has certainly been popular with Collectors since the very beginning. And for good reason. Just take a look at the action in this Model, from his body position to the flow of his mane; he simply inspires the Collectors imagination.

Silver Mold Hidalgo

Pictured above on the Silver Mold is Hidalgo created after the movie by the same name. You can find many “movie star” horses done in miniature by the Breyer Company throughout the years. And with each of them as well there is a certain character that each Model holds.

In the close up photo of Hidalgo below, you can see many of the crisp clear details in the markings as well as the shading on his beautiful face.

Breyer Silver Model Hidalgo When you are searching to purchase one of these Models, ask if it still has its gold sticker from Touchstone Pictures. The above Hidalgo does. This may affect the value if a Collector is looking for a Model that is as complete as possible in its original condition. These stickers come off very easily making it a bit more difficult to find one that still has it attached.

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