2010 Breyer Treasure Hunt, Seasons of the Year

Spring, Summer, Fall - Wintersong / Othello Mold

The 2010 Treasure Hunt theme is based on the four different seasons of the year. Each model is created using the Wintersong / Othello mold in a variety of colors as well as either matte or gloss finish. Since we are creating this page before the secrets of Breyer are revealed, we are not yet able to say if there are any of these models that are more "rare" than the others.

Breyer Treasure Hunt 2010 Spring Treasure Hunt Spring - shaded chestnut (matte or gloss)
Breyer Treasure Hunt 2010 Summer Treasure Hunt Summer - dappled gray pinto (matte or gloss)
Breyer Treasure Hunt 2010 Fall Treasure Hunt Fall - dappled bay (matte or gloss)

And at this time we have yet to see what the resulting mystery "Winter" model will be, however, the three models needed to collect are out. We will update this page with more information when we have it! Update! We have the Treasure Hunt Winter Model on it's very own page!

Breyer Christmas Horse Wintersong

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