Breyer Treasure Hunt Winter 2010 Model

Breyer Treasure Hunt 2010 WinterFor year 2010, the Breyer Treasure Hunt Winter model was the "surprise" model. Like Treasure Hunt of previous years, a collector had to buy the other Treasure Hunt models and send in the UPC codes to get the "treasure".

This year's Treasure Hunt was based on the four seasons of the year, we had Spring, Summer, Fall and now finally Winter.

The popularity of this the Treasure Hunt for 2010 was more than Breyer anticipated. Rumors spread quickly when the warehouse sold out of all the Treasure Hunt Models. Retailers that had taken “pre-orders” on complete sets were told they would have to wait… the second release is/was set for June 1st of 2010.

Was this a marketing plan by Breyer or did they actually not expect the Treasure Hunt of 2010 to be so popular? Or where there problems with production? We may never know for sure….

Breyer Treasure Hunt 2010 WinterIn any case, here is the long awaited “Winter” model from the Treasure Hunt of 2010 – a beautiful black leopard Appaloosa with varying shades of charcoal gray done in a matte finish.

Breyer Treasure Hunt 2010 Models Sold Out?

What do you think? Did Breyer really run out of the 2010 TH Models? What is your favorite TH model?

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herd stallion 
i love the herd stallions,i have three and am still looking for the glossy red bay,he is hard to find and costs a lot of money,hopefully one day

Glossy Winter 
I would have to say that this is my favorite Treasure Hunt model. I finally got my Winter last Thursday and I got a surprise. I'm pretty sure that he is …

What The????! 
i really don't know! but if they did, then that's just sad, they should make them to last the whole year, and if they run out then they should make some …

Fav. TH Model Not rated yet
My Favorite TH Model is the Color Crazy one. (You can find this and more of the Color Crazy TH Models here: …

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