Breyer Treasure Hunt 2006

Lady Phase Stock Horse

In 2006 Breyer started a new series called the Treasure Hunt. With what appears to be a successful attempt at using mystery for marketing, they have driven an international search for rare and hard to find models.

When you purchase two or three of the models you can get the mystery model. Every January and February there is a mad rush for these models.

It all started with the 2006 Lady Phase "Stock Horse" Treasure Hunt models and the variations.

However, the mystery is not limited to just the model you must send in for. With each Treasure Hunt, Breyer also releases a few very rare versions of the ones that you are required to purchase.

We want to extend our thanks to Belinda Kranz for the photos below.

Treasure Hunt Lady Phase 2006 Appaloosa There were a total of 4 Lady Phase models to be purchased in 2006 (first three pictured here) which consisted of:
  • Black blanket appaloosa
  • Matte palomino
  • Matte shaded chestnut
  • Fleabitten gray

Treasure Hunt Lady Phase 2006 Long Tail Treasure Hunt Lady Phase 2006 Long Tail

From these four models one of three treasure models where awarded. The three treasure models (wedgewood pictured) consisted of:
  • Matte Wedgewood
  • Glossy Honey bay
  • Glossy Gold charm
Treasure Hunt Lady Phase 2006 Long Tail

Each of these models also came with either a long tail or a short tail.

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