Lynn Anderson's Lady Phase

As with many models that Breyer Reeves International has done, whether it is the original mold or a model, there are many real horses that are remembered for their greatness in life. The Lady Phase mold is one of those.

Breyer Horse Model of Lady Phase The mold was created by Chris Hess and designed to resemble the real "Lady Phase" owned by country singer and champion horse racer Lynn Anderson. The sculptor went on location several times to get the details of confirmation correct before it could be introduced.

According to my resources, the real Lady Phase had a thin crescent of white on her forehead, a white lower lip, one left fore and two hind stockings. The right front stocking being roan. It seems as well that the original intent was for her to have her tail touching her left hock, although there has never been a release of a model like this.

Besides winning multiple awards in the singing world, Lynn Anderson is also an avid horse person who has won many awards in the Cutting Industry, starting with Lady Phase. Her passion for horses has always been a strong one and has raised a few of her own, just enjoying the closeness and interaction with the horses. She has taken part in Cutting competitions as recently as 2006 and won numerous awards for charity.

There are a great deal of variations on this particular model; the color from strawberry pink to dark red brown, some having dark shaded ear tips as well. There may be floating around out there somewhere one or two test models with a white crescent shape on their forehead. If you find one of those, hang onto it because it will go for some good money.

Lady Phase died of colic soon after the Breyer model was issued.

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