Vintage Clydesdale Breyer Muscle Models

Vintage Dappled Clydesdale Breyer Horse The picture to the right is of the retired Clydesdale Breyer Horse mold in dapple gray. This model is the muscle version that Reeves International started making around 1962.

The bobs and tail ribbon are molded into the model. Even though he is somewhat "newer" than some of the other Clydesdale models, he is still old enough to have that wonderful unique vintage quality.

Vintage Dappled Clydesdale Breyer Horse To the left is the “muscle version” of the Glossy Bay Clydesdale. The mold was changed to add muscles to the shoulders, wrinkles to the neck and veins to the face approximately 1962. (Notice the difference when comparing pictures)

The earliest non-muscle Clydesdale models do not have a “makers mark”. However, as with this model the makers mark had been introduced and started in the early 60’s. The first makers mark used is a © with “Breyer Molding Co.” circling it.