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Hello Spotlight readers!

We have posted highlights of the buying tips we wrote about in the last ezine. Vist the link below as a memory refresher before being swept up into the excitement.

Buying Breyer Horses

It's that time again, when we select our Collector of the Month! This month's collector is Robyn Fox. We will have a page up shortly telling you all about Robyn and the wonderful models that she has for sale!

Robyn has a big heart and provides a wonderful program, Bad Dog Acres Rescue to help abused animals recover. By purchasing your Breyer Models from Bad Dog Acres Rescue, you help fund the needs of abused animals that are in rehab on this ranch. The inventory is always changing so you will have to check back often. You just never know what Robyn may have next! Visit Robyn's models at:

Bad Dog Acres Rescue

Christmas is coming!

While I write this article, I am sitting in our pickup, watching my husband enjoy taking part in an Antique Tractor Pull. (Yea, it’s one of those things that Farmers do for fun and the friendly competition along with support makes it a great sport for families to enjoy.) This is something he truly enjoys and has not been able to take part in for a very long time.

It was his Birthday yesterday and so the celebration continues through the weekend. Hey, he deserves it more than you can imagine.

His Birthday has always been a great reminder to me that it is that time of the year to plan for the upcoming Holiday and Christmas Season. Not only for gathering ideas from all the relatives for gift giving, but also when it comes to selling our Breyer Models.

Everyone knows that this time of the year is the biggest source of income for businesses large and small.

So the question is: Are you ready??

The best time to start planning for Christmas is the year before. But realistically, how many of us do that? Unless of course you are Wal-Mart or Target. But we can still use some of the principles these big chain stores use as well. For example:

  • The peak time for Holiday sales starts in the beginning of October and extends well into January. Shoppers are of course more prone to spend before Christmas because of purchasing gifts for a loved one or even themselves.
  • Consider how busy people are and offer to wrap and ship the model to the desired location. And charge for that service. I know for myself, with as busy as I am, I love those kinds of offers. Then I don’t have to worry about it and I am done. Of course you do want to offer a return guarantee as well.
  • The importance of a guarantee is huge. So don’t underestimate its usefulness. It is simply one more tactic that helps a potential buyer to feel confident in purchasing from you.
  • Pay attention to the market trends in the Breyer Collecting Community. What is hot right now? What are people looking for and how many are there?
  • Christmas and the few months that follow are the perfect time to sell the Vintage Models. It is a trend that I have observed over the last 4-5 years while buying online. Think about it. The Christmas Season brings back memories and traditions. Things from the past that people forget about during the rest of the year. What better time than Christmas to reignite childhood memories as well.
  • The key is to spark that imagination in your listing. Ask questions like: “Do you remember when_______”. Help the customer see and feel the benefit of purchasing your model. And speaking from experience; it feels fantastic to help play “Santa Claus” and to know you helped someone else grant a wish or make a dream come true.
  • Save your more expensive models to sell for this time of the year. List your cheaper ones earlier in September and October with a statement that there are others that will be listed at a later date. Maybe even list a few of what you have that are coming up. This stirs up curiosity and interest. Just be sure you follow through and list the models you promote.

Also; don’t rule out the months that follow the Christmas Season. Yes it is true people may have to recover financially after Christmas, however, it is still winter.

At this time of year it is cold and icky outside, people are home trying to stay warm and at some point, they start to get a little cabin fever. What do you think they will do? Some may read a good book, shovel the drive or the side walk, and listen to the forecast.

Or they may very easily create some activity or excitement and look for their favorite Breyer Model for sale. Maybe to get the ones they didn’t receive for Christmas.

With more and more people doing business on line because of the price of gas or other commitments, we would be foolish not to use it to our benefit.

And what better time to build a friendship and get to know other Collectors than when each of us can be more focused and have time?

Hopefully this article will give you some inspiration for the upcoming months. Remember; think outside the box. After all, if you can imagine it, it can happen.

Oops, got to go, he’s the next one to hook!

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Until next time, keep imagining!