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  1. Personal note from Bonnie
  2. The Ethics of the Hobby - Are you protected?
  3. Breaking News and Updates for 2009

Personal note from Bonnie

First we would like to welcome all of our New Subscribers! We are so very glad you are here and hope each of you will enjoy what you read. Be sure to let us know how we are doing.

Personal Note: We are enjoying a super cold, wintery blast moving in from Canada that started on Sunday. I am so glad we got the videos done of the horses on Saturday while it was still 60 degrees outside. On Sunday, our high was 8. Just a bit of a change. So yes Bruce, be prepared 'cause the winter wind snuck through as we did chores and it's headed your way.

With the challenges of winter weather, along with the hectic season, it makes me think of how things change through time. Or maybe it is what we choose to focus on that is the challenge.

So I offer up some challenges with resolutions in the Hobby of Collecting Model Horses.

Ethics of the Hobby - Are you Protected?

Do you listen to the nightly news, read the headlines of the major newspapers? Or, worse yet, listen to CNN? If you do, then it should be easy to understand how the majority of the population is in a panic over money. With everything negative being thrown at us every time we turn around, how can a person help it?

As a result we may very easily see dishonest tactics from some people being used. I have heard of a multitude of very negative situations for Sellers of Models in the past two weeks. Things ranging from bidders backing out after the auction has closed to blackmail. It is not only frustrating and disheartening, but also a financial drain.

Let's look at some things you can do to protect yourself from non-paying bidders or worse yet, those who will stoop to even lower means of causing problems.

First: make the statement in your ad that you will not except bids from anyone with a lower than 50 feedback rating. That number is flexible of course. Use whatever number feels right to you.

The reason for this is that Buyers have been told in certain “eBay training” to change their user id after it hits about 30 or so. That way no one can track them or their history. Now this was not taught for deceiving Sellers, but as a way to buy and sell at the same time without anyone knowing it was the same person.

Second: request that they contact you BEFORE they bid if their feedback is below that certain number. Otherwise, cancel their bid and block them from future bids. EBay still gives you that option. Yes, it takes additional time. However, it saves you time and money in the long run of having to relist the model or worse yet losing the model altogether.

And yes, I do mean block them. If they are not willing to read and follow directions to contact you, then chances are they are not willing to listen and follow direction all the way through the transaction. As a result you are open to greater risk.

Third: and this is highly recommended, is sign up for emails from Model Horse Hobby Reference. Keep in mind the conversations may turn a little “soap boxy” however you will be able to see very quickly who is trustworthy in the hobby and who is not. If you should have a question about a Buyer or Seller, ask on the forum and you will find out quickly the experience others have had. This is a great tool for all Collectors to use and I highly recommend even simply getting the emails to see what is happening.

And let's not forget to look at the big picture of all of this. The economy is going to straighten out, everyone will adjust. Things will fall into place sooner or later. The most important point you need to keep in mind is, don't panic! It is so easy to do with all the hype and garbage out there. So turn off the TV, and the radio. Don't listen to the news. Choose what you will allow to filter into your mind and choose not to become one of the desperate ones who are in a panic.

And just like this cold winter wind that has been blowing and will change again soon, so will the economy. And life will go on. So protect yourself, set your standard high and charge forward to build your future on a positive base. With Ethics that hold the test of time.

A Special Thank you

We would like to thank Robyn Fox and Deb Marshall for sending us pictures of their wonderful Christmas Breyer Models and helping us out. You can see the models they have sent by clicking on the two links below. The question is, are either of them Vintage or Brand New?? Take a look to find out.

What's the fuss about Silver Snow?

Holiday Hunt

From all of us here at Breyer Horse Collectors: May each and every one of you have a Wonderful Christmas filled with many blessings and a safe and Happy New Year. Until next time, keep imagining and God bless.

Updates for 2009

The next Breyer SpotLight will be issued on January 2nd 2009 rather than January 1st 2009 due to the New Year.

We have many things taking place in January. We are scheduling the release of our first eBook and considering doing a Teleseminar along with it.

Be sure to let us know what kind of questions you have and we will get those answered as well.

Topics we are considering are:

  • Model Values ~ how you determine the value of your attic treasures
  • Keywords to use when selling online
  • The surprising number of ways great pictures can help you
Lots to choose from so let us know what your thoughts are and that will be the direction we go.

We will be selecting a new group of Collectors of the Month starting in January. If you haven't filled your application in yet, now would be the time. And for those who have, we will be in touch with you soon, so have your pictures ready to send. And we thank you.

The Breyer Horse Collectors Store is wide open and ready to help you find something unique, for yourself or for someone special. We are adding items weekly so be sure to check in often. And give us your feedback as well. We would love to hear from you!

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