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Personal Note from Bonnie

I am addicted. I'll admit that. I am addicted to learning and growing in every way I can. I am constantly searching for information on a variety of topics that are at the top of my "need to know" list for that given time. I have a strong desire to find the details of different things such as the very best words to use for headlines or the secrets of making customers buy.

However, it doesn't end with finding those things. That is only the start actually. I constantly dig deeper to know and understand the "why". Why do these words work the way they do? Why do people respond the way they do? Yes, I am very detailed, that is my left brain working.

One of the important points that I have come across over and over in all of my research is the importance of confidence. This is not written about a great deal, if ever. However, it is a very important part of life. Everyone lives under convictions of some sort. That is part of being human, just the way God made us.

It also affects your results when you buy or sell a Model Horse. Let me explain how.

What is Yours? Do you believe?

Do you have confidence in what you are selling? Do you know that in some way the model you are offering to a Collector will be a benefit for them? This confidence, or the lack there of, will show up in your ad.

And what about the confidence in your service? Do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are providing the best service possible? If there were no money involved, would you feel the same way?

The reason for all of these questions is to help you think of your core values that will affect how others see you. Each and every one of these items will show up in the way you present yourself, as well as the model you are selling when you type up your ad.

People are drawn to others who are confident and sure of themselves. We want to grow, to expand. For example; do you ever look for additional information to help you do something you have never done before? Do you search the internet for help with a term or description? Or what about information relating to relationships or health?

Why do you think the term "how to" [fill in the blank], is over used? It is because there are so many people looking for more information than what they possess right now.

Now imagine for a moment that you are that person who can provide that information and security. How many people do you think you would be attracting to your Model Horse sales?

Every one of these "how to" guides shows confidence expressed by the person writing them. It is this confidence that people are looking for in addition to a learning experience. People want more than what they have; always have, always will. It is human nature.

How can I give them this while selling a model horse you ask? Great question. Let me explain.

First you have to know your Model. The more you know, the more you can tell. Use the information you have available in the different guides that have been written. Search out the details on the Model, talk to other Collectors about what they have seen. Then use this information in the description. Feel the confidence and security in what you are writing. If you don't feel confident in the words you are using; this is a sure sign that you need to do more research.

Know what you are talking about. Become an expert on that Model.

Then present yourself as one. Show confidence not only in the way you type up the ad, but also in the way you answer any questions potential customers may have. Now mind you I am not saying that you should be a "know it all" or come across as egotistical. That would have the opposite of the desired effect.

There is a large difference in confidence and having a huge ego. Confidence is knowing your subject matter, being passionate about it. An ego is bragging and repulsive. And we all know what happens when a Seller starts to brag about themselves. Customers run the other way.

Confidence is attractively balanced with humility. And humility can be applied in the service you are providing. Answering questions politely, helping answer and solve any problems that may arise without being offended.

Remember your USP? This is a way of developing and using it. It is positioning. Every one of these things is so very important. Especially right now. This is the time to grow these things; work on them and perfect them. Then when the dust clears and people have money to spend once more, they will be looking to you to purchase from. Because you will be one of the few who are left standing. Because you cared enough to learn and grow during this difficult time while all others were focusing on lack. Just one more item to help you stand out in the crowd and rise to the top.

Until next time: Keep Imagining!

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