Factors that Affect Breyer Horse Values

Interested in selling your model, but not sure what price to ask for it? The first place you should start is educating yourself on knowing what factors that affect breyer horse values.

  • Vintage? Breyer Horse Models that are old enough to rightfully claim "vintage" are more desirable. In fact some collectors exclusively focus on vintage models.
  • Retired? Is your model still being made? Retired models are more desirable and fetch a higher price.
  • Condition is vital and a big deciding factor in how much a Collector will spend. A beautiful Glossy Bay Clydesdale Stallion that had been repaired only brought around $10. One that had some rubs that showed on the sides sold for closer to $75. Compare both those amount to one with no rubs of any kind that has sold for closer to $200 and you will start to understand the importance of condition.
  • Number made How many of the model were made? If it was a limited one time run of only 150, it will fetch a higher price than a model where there are thousands available.
  • Pictures Although pictures of the model doesn't affect the inherent value of the model, it will have a big effect on what price you might get for it. It is the pictures that help tell the story and show the details of the condition of the model. They are vital in the determination process. Pictures also have to be done very well, read through my tips on taking great Breyer Photos.
  • Time of year, popularity After watching the Breyer market for the past several years online, I can tell you that it has declined to some extent for certain models and it fluctuates from week to week. During the Holidays is about the best time to list models on eBay. The psychology of the Buyer can sway the price significantly, get my free report on The Right Price for Your Model to put yourself in the driver's seat in your transation.

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