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  • Article: What is my Breyer Model worth?

Personal Note: Busy busy busy

Things have been going way too fast around here; foals being born, registration and marketing pages being created as well as preparing for wheat harvest that should start in the next few weeks.

As a result, this Breyer SpotLight is going to be simple and to the point. However, I also feel that it is a very necessary topic to cover as we keep receiving questions about the worth or value of a Model

And although there are no hard and fast prices or rules, the following information should help you determine the worth and value for you.

Article: What is my Breyer Model worth?

Have you been asking “What is my Breyer Model worth”? If you are one of many who have been asking this question, this Breyer SpotLight is for you.

It seems as though there is this great mystery around determining the value or worth of a model, some secret that a Collector must find. When you watch Breyer Models sell on line there is a wide variety of prices that you see. Anything from $40 to over $200 for the same type of Vintage Model is not uncommon.

So this question is quite natural, whether you are a long time Collector, just starting, or cleaning out the attic.

What is the magic formula that can help you determine what your Model is worth? Where do find the answer to this age old question? How do you solve this mystery?

Well, it is fairly simple actually.

Remove all of the “outside” impressions that you have seen or heard of off the Internet. And simply ask yourself this: “what amount of money would I desire more than this Model.”

Then you know the value of that Model for YOU. As I have stated in other newsletters, articles as well as the website, I have Models from my childhood that are priceless to me. However to someone else they aren’t worth $2.

For example, my Glossy Dapple Gray Clydesdale Stallion with his broken right ear. There are others that are being sold that are in much better shape than he is. But there is also no amount of money would ever be enough to buy him. Why? Because he is one of two of the very first Breyer Models I received when I was a small child. Looking at him brings back memories and feelings that no other Model can. It is those memories and feelings that make him priceless – to me.

Then there is also the question that comes up; why do you want to know the value? Is it because you wish to sell your models or is it because of insurance coverage? In either case you have to start with your purchase price and then factor in the other details.

And just so that I don’t have to re-write several pages from the site for this ezine, here are some links to the useful pages that we have worked on for some time. Please take some time and read each word.

A quick word about Price Guides: They are “Guides” only. They cannot and will not tell you market prices for the current time – those can and will change from week to week or month to month.

They give you general ranges at best. However, they are the best place to start.

We have a helpful web page written about determining value of models. It also has a link to eBay and Felicia Browells Collectors Guide that has price estimates of various models.

We also have a web page about the different factors that will affect the value. The condition is a huge factor so please make sure you understand what affects the condition before you try to sell.

When a Seller lists a model in “near mint condition” and the lists 10 different things that are wrong with the model; it becomes very obvious that the Seller does not know the terms they are using.

Then there is the Nancy Young Collectors guide that is listed on our home page of Breyer Horse Collectors. As I have said before; this guide is priceless. It does not matter what you have to pay to get this book, you will not be disappointed. The details that Nancy covers and took years of deep research to find will give you more information than anything else.

So when you ask me “what are my models worth?” I can only tell you what I myself would pay for them. However, I can’t even do that without pictures. There are simply too many variables that determine why I myself buy a model. And I am only one person.

The only person that can tell you what your Model is worth to you is you. And the only person that can tell you what it is worth to them is the person buying.

Unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules to determining “worth” or “value” for any collectible. However, when you do your research by investing in the guides, look on line as to what is selling and why, go to Model shows and talk to Collectors; you will start to get a better “feel” for the value and worth of a model for Collectors in general.

So be willing to do your research. Yes, it takes time. But doesn’t all education take time? It will also help you to grow as a person with a better understanding. And you just never know when that knowledge may pay off. How do you know you aren’t in the right place at the right time some day and come across one of those hard to find great ones?

And as Breyer Horse Collectors grows, the content and information will grow as well. In the mean time; take time to browse around and comb through the information that is already there. There may be more than you think….

Until next time; enjoy your Collecting!


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