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  • Personal Note: Lazy Dog Days of Summer
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Personal Note: Lazy Dog Days of Summer

The quote; “lazy dog days of summer” must have been said by someone who did NOT live on a farm or a ranch! We are in full swing of wheat harvest, the foals are growing by inches every single day, and with the rain, well, let's just say we have bumper crop of weeds that need to be controlled.

Would I change it? Not at all! There is simply too much life to enjoy that cannot be compared with lifestyles anywhere else.

Speaking of foals; we are getting close to selecting a Registration name for Hot Shot. There have been many great suggestions and we thank each and every one of you who have offered such wonderful ideas.

So for today's article, I wanted to simply “refresh” a bit concerning this contest, in case you missed the information the first time around.

Article: Foal Naming Contest for Collectors

I believe it was the beginning of May when we offered the idea of having a foal naming contest for our readers. And actually the idea came from one of our Featured Collectors of the Month, Celia Tamker.

I have received ideas through email, on Facebook, and on the BHC blog for the last couple of months. Wow. In the last week I have spent some time collecting all of the suggestions and putting together a new list....

In order to make this a bit easier, hmmm that would be nice, we are going to collect all of the votes in one location. I have created a revised survey on our blog here:

Breyer Horse Collectors Blog

This way you can also see the ideas that are popular with others who vote.

I have typed up all the directions for you on the blog; pretty simply really, all you have to do is check the boxes by the names you like. I created the list with the most popular so far at the top and graduating down.

Be sure to read Hot Shots story while you are there as well; he is a very special colt to say the least. Loves to be scratched and has a heart of gold... But you will need to read the blog to find out more.

The survey will close July 15, the afternoon before the next ezine goes out. That way I have time to collect all the votes and let you all know the top six choices to be submitted to AQHA.

Now here's the really cool deal for our members; in order to give credit where credit is due, if you have submitted a name choice and find it on the list, AND it is selected by AQHA, we will publish your name on our blog and in the ezine as the winner. You have to have already submitted a name idea and it must be on the list of the updated survey.

All we need is your first name and last initial and your state. When you complete the survey leave a comment at the bottom of the post that one of the names you suggested is on the list. We will need this information By JULY 15th, no later. You can also leave your contact information so that we can reach you and we will send you a 5x7 color photo of this special guy.

We will then take the top six choices and send these into AQHA. Once we received the paperwork back from their office, we will let everyone know the winning name choice.

Who knows, maybe one day Breyer will be making a model of him, and you helped select his name - now wouldn't that be cool!?

Updates: The next Breyer Spotlight issue

Some great information about the real horse behind one of the Breyer Models and Frank Walters.... It's going to be good, I promise!


Please feel free to send us your ideas for the next ezine. Its idea's from Collectors like you that have helped create the article you are reading today. We would love to hear from you; just email me at and let me know your thoughts. And by the way; Thank You.

Until next time; enjoy your Collecting!


Breyer Horse Collectors