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News and Updates

News: It's that time of year again… you know the one. No not Christmas or the holidays but the beginning of the new year when Breyer makes all kinds of announcements for BreyerFest , new models that will be released, and the popular Treasure Hunt Series.

Because we can only fit so much information into a small space, in this issue of the Breyer SpotLight we will focus a bit more of the coming events starting with the biggest Model Horse Show in the country - BreyerFest.

Before we get to the article today I wanted to show you a new page we have created for the Celebration Horse from 2009. Last year Breyer honored Whizards Baby Doll as the Celebration model and we have some great information and pictures about Roxy - the real horse as well as the model created by Sue Sifton. You can check it out here.

More on Breyerfest 2009 Celebration Model

As time allows we will be adding additional pictures and information on other BreyerFest models as well so be sure to check back often.

Article: BreyerFest 2010 - “Lights, Camera, BreyerFest!”

Long time Collectors will know some of these details, but for those who are new to the hobby, we'll start off with some important details, and then cover some of the releases for this year.

First, BreyerFest 2010 is scheduled for July 23-25 and will take place at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington KY. Each year Reeves International pick out a theme for BreyerFest and this year's theme is “Lights, Camera, BreyerFest!” It is focused on everything you, the Collector, love about Hollywood and Horses.”

They have also revealed that the Celebration Model for 2010 is a Standardbred Gelding named “All Glory” owned by none other than…. William and Elizabeth Shatner. One would wonder if the choice was made because of “who” owned the horse verses the horse itself… However, “All Glory” has certainly earned his rights to fame as well.

According to the BreyerFest flyer,” All Glory is a World Grand Champion Standardbred Roadster horse with an impressive array of USEF Horse Show Championship awards, including”... get this “12 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP wins since 2002.” No small feat to accomplish.

All Glory will be honored on the very popular National Show Horse mold. From the photo's he appears to be a beautiful shaded golden bay with long black stockings.

There are three other Special Run released models listed in the Just About Horses (JAH) BreyerFest flyer that will only be available at BreyerFest.

At the top of the list is a model named “Red Carpet Royalty” which is a red bay with white stockings done on the Goffert mold in high gloss. Very striking.

Next is a model named “Tinseltown” - a nice golden dun with leg baring and two white socks done on the Lonesome Glory mold with a matte finish.

Next we have a new addition to the Breyer dog family on the St. Bernard mold. His name is “Beethoven” and he appears to be a very nice shaded brown with a full white collar and partial white nose.

There appears to be two new releases for 2010 as well. One is O'Leary's Irish Diamond on the Cleveland Bay mold - I love that mold. And Isadora, a beautiful medicine hat paint that is done on the Nokota mold. Both of the live horses that have inspired these models will be present at BreyerFest with their owners too.

Pretty soon we will all see the listing on eBay for “pre-sales” for each of these models. Couple things for you to keep in mind.

A Seller cannot guarantee getting a signature.

A seller cannot guarantee the condition of the model that you receive.

Sometimes it is better to wait to see what comes up for auction as some Sellers are lucky enough to get signature, pictures, videos and whatever extra's there may be at BreyerFest and combine these things with the model as well.

If you are able to go to BreyerFest yourself, and have never gone before, the best place to start is at the Breyer website. There you are able to order tickets early and will be able to find tons of information to all the events going on. Remember too, there are real and model horse shows, there are booths to learn how to customize your own model, there are booths for buying models, there is the Holiday Inn North for buying, selling and trading models, contests left and right as well as auctions. So many activities packed into three days.

And if you purchase your tickets early, your name will be entered into a drawing held on Saturday, July24th. This year's prize for the Early Bird Raffle?? A beautiful glossy dapple rose gray with white stockings done on the Cody mold. His name is “Opening Night”. According to my BreyerFest flyer there will only be 3 of this model given away. You have to purchase your tickets before April 23rd and you must be present to win.

One more special: Breyers is offering a FRE*E JAH magazine for new subscriptions as well as renewals. This special ends on January 31st so you better hurry. The link to sign up for the magazine is:

JAH Magazine ----> type “1FREE” into the box that asks for the subscription number when you order.

Until next time, keep imagining!


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