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  • News: We have a new Featured Collector!
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News and Updates

News: With the end of 2009 just a couple days away, we wanted to start the New Year off with a blast by announcing our new Featured Collector. Meet Natalie and read her amazing story that involves real horses, an accident and Breyer Models. Natalie and her story have been a great inspiration to me, I hope that you will find the same by reading her story

Natalie and her National Show Horse Melody

Updates: This week we are featuring our Breyer Arabians pages with updated eBay links. We have pictures of Family Arabian, Connie's Black Proud Arabian, Huckleberry Bey Models and more!

Breyer Arabian Horse

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Article: We have also mentioned of up and coming pages that we are working on that are focused on customizing Model Horses. So as a prelude to these pages, we have a few tips from an experienced Collector on things to consider and questions to ask when commissioning a Custom Model. Today's article is written by Temika Zimmerman from Australia. Temika is also the President of Paradise Ridge Horse Club; she will be the first one to tell you that the club is open to ALL Collectors from around the world even though it is based out of Australia.

Commissioning Custom Models

If you have never commissioned a custom model before, there are a few things you must know....

  1. Painters - One really important thing to remember with painters is not all of them will paint every size and color...some painters won't do appaloosas & some might not painter anything smaller than Pebbles scale. Don't forget to check their rates & policies page.
  2. Galleries - Before commissioning a model, it is vital you check out the painters galleries to see examples of their past work. This will give you a valuable insight to the painters' capabilities and what colors is their specialty.
  3. Price - Prices will vary depending on the degree of difficulty of the paint job....appaloosas, pintos and heavily dappled colors are often more expensive than a solid color. Artists whose work has won lots and lots of ribbons will also cost more than someone who has only just begun doing commissions. Prices for a custom can vary anywhere between $40 to $5000+ depending on the horses color, the degree of difficulty and the medium used. Most artists also do time payments on commissioned models as well.
  4. Location - Some painters will not ship their work overseas so be sure to check that the painter has no issues with sending the custom to your country.
  5. Shipping - Shipping fees will vary from country to country and also the shipping method used. The faster and more features the shipping method has, the more expensive it will be.

Whether you are commissioning your 1st or 101st custom Breyer, the biggest thing to remember is to check the painter's credentials on places such as Model Horse Hobby References (MHHR), etc. This will save you a lot of stress and money further down the track. But the number one rule with commissioning a model? Choose what you like, not what everyone else likes :)

PRMHC (Paradise Ridge Model Horse Club) is Australian based but is open to members from all over the world....we'll be having our second birthday on News Years Day and would love to have you visit. Visit us on the web!

Paradise Ridge Model Horse Club

Temika :)

Make sure you let us know your thoughts of our updates as well as what you would like to see. It is tips from our readers like you that we build our articles and newsletters. Until next time, keep imagining and keep collecting! And from all of us here at Breyer Horse Collectors ~ Have a very Happy New Year!

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