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There are times that we have seen the sunshine for a day or two and then others when it hides and all we see is snow or gray clouds. While the sunshine gives me energy, it is during the gray cloudy days that I must get the work done. Thus we have been busy creating new pages for you on Breyer Horse Collectors.

Breyer Treasure Hunt 2006 and 2007 pages

The big buzz right now with Breyer are the newest released Treasure Hunt models. And with suggestions from a few of our readers, that is what we are focusing on this month, both in this ezine as well as some of the new pages that we are creating. This is only a start and these pages will be updated with fresh and new information as it is available, so make sure you check back often.

Article: Treasure Hunt Mysteries

Treasure Hunt Lady Phase Photo to the left is the 2006 Treasure Hunt, Stock Horse Lady Phase. At the beginning of each year Breyer gets the imagination of Collectors started with the release of the "Treasure Hunt" series. Each year the theme of the hunt is a bit different and involves finding the hard to find variations of the models released.

For example, in 2009 Collectors were able to purchase a mare and a stallion of four different molds used, send in the UPC numbers and receive the resulting foal from that combination.

In 2008, the search was for a mysterious stallion that sired a wide range of colored foals. Collectors had to purchase all three mare/foal combinations to receive the stallion.

The point of the Treasure Hunt is for Collectors to find a "treasure", and Breyer is adding to the mystery each time by including variations in the original models that must be purchased OR with the "Treasure" itself.

This year's theme is based on the four seasons, Spring, Summer, and Fall, with Winter being the Treasure. The honored mold used for this year's Treasure Hunt is none other than Wintersong. Wintersong was first sculpted and released as porcelain nearly 10 years ago as Othello, a gypsy horse and Mortiz, a Noriker. In 2007 Breyer created the plastic version for a Christmas release as Wintersong and he has been growing in popularity ever since.

  • Spring is a nicely Shaded Chestnut
  • Summer is a Dapple Gray Pinto
  • Fall is a deep Dapple Bay

The process is still the same, collect all three models and send in the UPC numbers with a payment for shipping and you will receive the Winter model. So far there have been both matte and glossy versions of these models seen. It is up to each Collector to choose the finish they desire. Other than the difference in the finish, it has yet to be seen if there are any variations within the first three to be collected.

From the research that I have done it does seem that the glossy and matte finishes are pretty well split 50/50 for popularity. We still are not sure how many of each have been made and that information may not be available for a while; we will let you know if and when we find out.

Something else that I have noticed with this release is that sellers or dealers are not real sure of how to list them for sale. Some will list them as Wintersong, others as Othello, and still others as the "Four Season" models with no mention of the mold.

This confusion of terms can add to the "hunt" too! If you are wishing to take part in the Treasure Hunt excitement, a tip to help you find more of the models available is to search both title AND description. Then use the keywords related to these models. For example; Treasure Hunt would be the first obvious choice, but then also use "Four Seasons", "Othello" and "Wintersong" in a variety of searches. And don't forget the abbreviation TH as well as the year 2010 and the seasons they are patterned after.

Hopefully these tips will help you to find your "Treasure"!

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Until next time, keep imagining!


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